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  • this guy. THIS GUY. SO GOOD. just one of the biggest ever
  • Eardrum :( album
  • Gutter Rainbows was considerably better than RE2. Mixtape's not in his style at all. Jay Rock and Ab-Soul have no place there..
  • I feel like everything he has released after eardrum has been boring. Gutter Rainbows, Reflection eternal 2 were both not that great.
  • Dope Mixtape - hope he hurries up with POC
  • mixtape of the year
  • Dope mixtape. I'm surprised about some features. But that explains Talib's frankness.
  • what a tape.... but really though, did anyone expect different? roll on the day the album drops...
  • attack the block is so dope... damn ... cant wait for the album
  • new mixtape, dope
  • new track with k dot and spitta is fucking off the charts.... ( can't wait for that new mixtape and then the album...
  • I like the beat and alot of the lyrics and topics of his songs, but his voice doesn't really compliment some of the relaxed beats in my opinion.
  • Gettin my GMB (Grown Man Bizness) on...
  • Check out Talib at Amoeba music with RES. It's their what's in my bag video!
  • Get By is a phenomenon!
  • Epic. :D
  • Talib, please tell weltact that his opinion isn't fact and Gutter Rainbows is actually pretty good.
  • dude is a beast.
  • Deliver us !
  • Talib, please tell me why Gutter Rainbows is so shit?
  • See you thit evenig in Germany
  • He got a really nice flow .. Kinda like AZ's I think ..
  • New group: [url=]Occupy Wall Street[/url]. Join NOW!
  • If you like this, you'll dig this. (2) SHOUT OUT TO MA MAN SAM!
  • Ms. Hill is beautiful.
  • If you like this, you'll dig this.
  • Ms. Hill
  • yeah I know how you feel, Kweli I know how you feel.
  • too sick
  • Peep: Chui,
  • America's Next Top Rapper Contestant and sure bet for B.E.T's 2012 Cypher!!!
  • best rapper ever
  • Thank You Based Kweli for joining the OWS movement
  • The Best
  • Underrated if anything. Less than 10,000,000 plays = WTF.
  • @WestSideTrippin fuck you man. this artist awesome.
  • WestSideTrippin is an appropriate name for you. Talib Kweli is not overrated. But he/she has some impressive artists in their list, and they have Sam Jackson as their picture. I'll let the blasphemy slide.
  • totally overrated
  • A blind man feels the wickedest taste is exquisite He can hear me loud and clear and smell fear in the air Without sight he gains in-sight and lets me see his true self not what he wants me to percive him to be Perception is deception Without the facts you keep guessin' That's the image in the mirror so we Eternal Reflection
  • <3
  • @Isco91: that's one of the best lyrics by anybody, so raw and true
  • kweli is the illest! respect that legend nigga!
  • Idle Warship : Talib Kweli + Res. Album's out Nov. 1st
  • Hey all, I wrote about one of my fave Kweli tracks, check it out:
  • "Kurt Loder asked me what I say to a dead cop's wife/Cops kill my people everyday, that's life" Maaan that line gave me goosebumps.
  • He's more like a poet, than a "rapper". One of a kind.


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