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Taking Back Sunday

Make Damn Sure (3:29)


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  • "i just wanna break you down so badly while i trip over everything you say"
  • its so coooooooooool
  • why don't you all SUGGEST A CORRECTION then?
  • Make damn sure that you people tag this as MakeDamnSure. {2]
  • If it wasnt for this tag, mds would have over 3000 plays ;)
  • 1,020,865 plays to late to fix it...
  • [url=]Get Your Damn Tags Right[/url]
  • this song is rockin
  • Make damn sure that you people tag this as MakeDamnSure.
  • The song name is wrong. >.>
  • totally into this song atm :)
  • they played this when i was out dancing on friday, i'm totally into it again =D
  • one of my fave songs in the world!
  • I can't change the name of this song because I listen to it on Pandora radio.
  • how I feel right now.
  • the_robbie: I didnt tag it? lol. Who the f*ck tags it? I won't fix it either because than it isnt a scene download.
  • the best song eveeeeeeer!!!!!!
  • god, why cant you just tag it right?
  • love this song.
  • i love how people say who cares if it's tagged wrong. huh, last.Fm is ALL ABOUT TAGGING didn't you notice? bah.
  • This song doesn't exist, idiots.
  • 55,491 listeneres. That's even sader. To bad that without me it would only have been 55,490 listeners. But I've fixed it!
  • Fixed it :o
  • 41,317 listeners. thats kinda sad
  • i honestly do have OCD so it bugs the living shit out of me how much more people have it wrongg...if you were to look at my ipod compared to someone elses, mines perfect not to brag or anything lol. like, for example i have album art for all of my 3000+ songs. im so disgusting lmaoo
  • Well I'm sorry I don't have your approval. Sucks I'm gonna have to lose sleep over this.
  • its just wrong. :/ no big deal, really, but if you can at all about being correct and nearly respectful. I see how some people do, because of the leaks, but it shouldn't be /growing/. and the whole ipod thing doesn't even make sense. i have an iPod.... thats dumb. :/
  • Okay...if you're that worried about the title of a song...maybe it's time to step away from for a little while.
  • It's supposed to be MakeDamnSure - all one word. This would be the most played Taking Back Sunday song if everyone would spell it correctly, so... fix it in your media player, so it can get the reputation it deserves. - spelled as one word on their official MySpace, so that should be proof enough.
  • tag this as mistagged... that's like all we can do.
  • It's not a big deal, it's just annoying that over half the people can't even get the song title right..
  • Yea I seriously don't care. I know it's one word. I just prefer to space them out because it's easier to find on my iPod, without it looking as one word.
  • Wow. How about people don't get so uppity about A FEW GODDAMN SPACES.
  • No need to fix it, dreamgir1: Back Sunday/_/MakeDamnSure
  • this song's supposed to be one word...fix it.
  • dat was to wickedcool!!
  • huni u wish peeps didnt care bout wot???
  • hey hey u ite me peeps all you out there let me here u say Taking Back Sunday lol <3
  • 10,996 people don't care. xD
  • 9,537 people don't care. xD
  • look on the back of the cd. one word.
  • its MakeDamnSure. one word.

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