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Symphony X

Out Of The Ashes (3:40)

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Music: Romeo-Pinnella-Miller
Lyrics: Allen
In the house of my master
Beyond the chains there is a bed of snakes where evil lays

Songtext für Symphony X - Out Of The Ashes


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  • Fuck the birthday meal
  • Awesome intro!
  • ...This band makes me proud to be from New Jersey. ^__________________^
  • o uo I like Symphony X.
  • A very nice upbeat and at the same time beautiful song.
  • very good progressive metal song
  • @Arglactable exactly correct!
  • Jesus fucking Christ, man. Why do you INSIST on making moronic comments on music you obviously don't understand? Symphony X isn't power metal. The chorus is not the ENTIRE point of the song, unlike in every band you listen to. Furthermore, what exactly is it that you have against Russell's vocals? He is one of the most impressive vocalists, from both a melodic and technical standpoint, I have ever had the pleasure of listening to (not to mention his godly range). Unlike Roy Khan, he actually knows how employ vibrato EFFECTIVELY. Perhaps if, in your many exceedingly annoying comments, you had actually made a valid point, instead of just whining about the things that Symphony X does that don't fit the tired power metal formula, I might have some respect for your opinion. As it is, you're just a moron.
  • I have not enjoyed any Symphony X songs, hitherto. I think it is the way he sings, particularly on the verses. I can overlook mediocre verses, however, if the chorus is good enough. O.K. I just heard the chorus. And that was appallingly -- almost laughably -- plain. It was like listening to someone trying to make an epic chorus, and failing. Yeesh.

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