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  • she didnt actually win Britains Got Talent but obviously she should have
  • waooooowww
  • So nice to listen to this nice talented lady ..(( * _ * )).. A worthy winner of Britain's has got Talent ..(( * _ * ))..
  • <33333333333333333333333
  • A worthy winner on Britains Got Talent,even though she came second to some dance act,did she have the X factor don't think so
  • She was meant to be shared by the world...the time was right for her and for us...we all win having this magnificent woman in our world...grace and sincerety...
  • Mmmm You so surprised us on X Factor ... You are super good . ( * _ * )
  • Mmmm You so surprised us on X Factor ... You are super good . ( * _ * )
  • Powerful!!
  • ****Timeless****
  • a Rocket ship, from No - Where ; WTF, was she in a coma ,hidden AWAY ????????? W O N D E R F U L ------------------------
  • Mega-Talented lady!!^8
  • Legend!!!!!!!!!!
  • You are so good!
  • Yes there are others but, she did get a break. And well deserved I think.
  • Memorable!
  • yes she has a good voice but so do so many who dont get a break
  • Diva! *O*
  • why can't i listen to the full song???
  • me encanta
  • Well done Susan .... What a great discovery.. I can still see those judges faces !!!
  • Maravilhosa!
  • In fact She has a Voice.
  • WHY can I NOT Play this Track on Last.FM? Looked all over for the Play BUTTON?
  • Everytime I hear this song , I have to see the video where she was on that show. I love it. Absolutely priceless!!!
  • hard to Believe, no one discovered her , before now !!!! Supreme Voice !!!!!!!!
  • A great voice, gotta love it, thanks Carole
  • first time listener, pretty darn hard not to like
  • <33
  • wonderful what a voice
  • ν♥ύν♥ύ
  • in love
  • You can hear every word she sings....Brilliant !!!!
  • Heavenly voice.
  • When I saw her performance on that show when she first sang, it brought a tear to my eye. Not only does she have a beautiful singing voice, but I absolutely loved that she showed that no matter what you look like on the outside, the most important thing is what's inside and she showed it that way!! Way to go Susan!!!
  • Ms. Susan, you are wonderful!
  • nice song
  • absolute beautiful, Miss S. Boyle ! Her voice, and so on ......... AMAZING !
  • Watching TV that night when this dowdy but quite endearing lady began to sing stunned us all. God bless her
  • I almost cried after the watching the video she performed. She has an amazing voice.
  • Wonderful. So glad she was found. Her voice needs to be shared.
  • album cover is good
  • she is a angel from god, voice like that everyone should go for voice lessions i luv that.......................
  • Voice extradinary
  • SuBo...go go go
  • keep going on..well done.. !!! sing out the world..!!!
  • Her voice didn't sound so constrained in her performance in Britian's got talent~I like it when her voice is more free
  • touched by and angel; her name is Susan Boyle


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