• Taking the music back.

    15. Jul. 2006, 19:17 von gabovancrue

    Hey hey!

    Mi primer post en la nueva version de Last.fm.
    Me llamo Gabriel y soy (y seguiré siendo) un rockero hasta la muerte.

    Pues, ahora escuchando algo de Ted Nugent, Cat Scratch Fever, les comentaré acerca de los nuevos realities que estan saliendo...pues en realidad los unicos q he visto: SuperGroup y Rockstar.

    El primero, transmitido por VH1 (y yo lo bajo de Internet) es la union d 5 rockeros: Ted Nugent, Scott Ian (de Anthrax, Jason Bohnam (Bonham, UFO, mejor conocido como el hijo del legendario batero John Bonham, de Led Zeppelin), Evan Seinfeld (Biohazard) y Sebastian Bach (ex-vocalista de Skid Row).
    A todos estos manes los encierran en una mansion en Las Vegas, con el objetivo de despues de 12 dias formar una banda (que se terminó llamando Damnocracy), crear musica y hacer un concierto.

    El otro es practicamente la combinacion de American Idol (o en su defecto colombiano, Factor X) con un ambiente mas rockero.
    Tommy Lee (Mötley Crüe), Gilby Clarke (ex-Guns N' Roses) y Jason Newsted (ex-Metallica
  • So Much new music, my opinions, enjoy!

    11. Jul. 2006, 6:40 von S9DallasOz

    It's been 2 months since I wrote anything so there's a lot to talk about regarding new music and other music related things.
    Guess I'll start out by talking about a new show on CBS that people need to be watchin. "Rockstar: Supernova"
    It's a search for a lead singer. Last season it was for INXS , but I wasn't interested. This season is different.
    The new Supergroup Supernova consists of Drummer Tommy Lee of Motley Crue Fame, Jason Newstead formerly of Metallica, & Gilby Clarke from Guns 'N' Roses (Sp?). The thing that made me really interested in watching the show this season was that the man I consider God, Butch Walker would be a guest Judge & album producer for the record. The first string of performances already aired and I have my favorites which include the 2 contestants I liked prior to the show, Phil Ritchie of the Baltimore-based rock band Lennex & singer/songwriter Ryan Starformerly of the band Stage. …
  • The Aquabats, May 19th

    22. Mai. 2006, 2:16 von Spamlord

    Got to go to the El Rey and see the 'Bats.

    No Trigger - I thought they weren't very good. The guitars were way too loud, and I couldn't understand what the singer was saying at all. But it was fun to watch the tru punx moshing. :D

    Supernova - They were terrible. Mostly obnoxious wailing and lyrics I couldn't understand. And he can't imitate Chewbacca at all.

    Streetlight Manifesto - AAAAAAH. They were awesome. They played, in no particular order: That'll Be the Day, Everything Went Numb, Here's To Life (With the A Call To Arms intro), If and When We Rise Again, some new song (It had a lot of "Would you"'s in it), and Point/Counterpoint with Keasbey Nights in the middle (AAAAAH SO AWESOME). I screamed all the lyrics I knew. I was sad they didn't play Dear Sergio, but still fantastic.

    The Aquabats - In their own words, TOTALLY SWEET! They played lots of songs, and I don't remember them all. MCBC said "lol" and "pwned", and I spazzed out. And he hugged Jimmy. :)
  • Top 10: March 19-26...DAMONE

    30. Mär. 2006, 0:14 von S9DallasOz

    1. Damone - (174 Plays):
    Their album "Out Here All Night" won't hit stores until May 23rd, but iTunes has an exclusive digital release of it avilable until then.
    I have been listening to the "Out here all night" EP for months and eagerly waiting for more. The 3 best EP tracks were kept, "Out Here All Night", "What We Came Here For" & "Get Up & Go", which may be the best on the album. Other notable tracks include "You're The One" & "Outta My Way". I've heard Damone referred to as a mix between Led Zeppelin & The Distillers which I can understand, but Noelle's vocals aren't nearly as harsh or raspy as that of the distiller's singer and the guitar riffs are some even a Metallica fan can enjoy. Vasquez can play the hell out of the thing. "You're The One" could be caught between Enuff-Z-Nuff & Skid Row on any of your "I Miss the 80s" mixtapes. …
  • a vacation spent in front of the screen

    14. Mär. 2006, 3:34 von cleverreference

    Last week was our Spring break and as the title of this here post suggests, I spent most of it right here wasting daylight and listening to musics. That helps explain the 200+ song rise in total plays since last week.

    1. The Stone Roses(237 plays): I've always heard great things about the Roses and I'd given them a try but they never really clicked for some reason. Last weekend I was trying to find something new to listen to and ended up grabbing The Very Best of The Stone Roses on a whim and got hooked. 16 of my top 20 songs this week happen to be Stone Roses tracks and in less than a week they cracked my overall top 20. So yeah, it could be assumed that I rather like these guys.
    There's just something about their fuzzy britpop that makes me happy. I've tracked down more stuff in addition to The Very Best, the Glasgow show, b-sides and whatnot but I keep going to that compilation. The track list and sequencing is top notch.