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  • Leaked cover of Sun Glitters' next album:
  • Galaxy EP is fantastic. Some of the best remixes on any of the Sun Glitters releases. I can see their sound evolving still, but totally sticking to that well-formed bag of tricks that make it distinctly Sun Glitters.
  • I love Sun Glitters' music so much, but his aesthetic is fucking terrible. Overuse of sunbursts, image filters from a shitty indie movie, generic white girls smiling and just having a good old time like it's some kind of American Eagle commercial. I don't care too much about the aesthetic that a musician chooses and I would certainly never not enjoy the music because of it, but god damn it's like embarrassing to be associated with it. I'm glad I was into Sun Glitters long before I saw any of this shit, because I would not fuck with it if I saw it for the first time nowadays. It's a disservice to the music itself. BVDUB is also guilty of all this.
  • Had too much to lose stuck in my head for months!
  • É tão bom te ver crescendo ... na primeira vez que vim aqui tinha menos que 2 mil ouvintes.
  • I had entirely forgotten that there's a new album. I also didn't realize how slept on this is. I think of Sun Glitters as one of the greats, and this album is probably their best work.
  • wonder
  • Rated*
  • охуенно!
  • Really enjoyed this guy supporting Son Lux last night. Rare occasion where a support were just as great as the main event.
  • yes
  • this is some cool shit
  • cool sound
  • Could anyone tell me what the vocals being sampled in "A Dragonfly In The City" are? I just realized that they're the same vocals from "Luminesce" by Balam Acab. It's really weird because I've said before that Sun Glitters is the only artist that I know of who's comparable to Balam Acab. I feel like there has to be something really interesting going on when two of the most original musicians that I fuck with are using this same mysterious vocal sample.
  • Would love to hear a collaboration with James Blake.
  • i smoked too much dope and its 9am
  • I don't even know what to say about "Sometimes". It's too perfect for words.
  • Sexy music.[2] & will add just amazing and wonderful. :)
  • Sexy music.
  • Sun Glitters has been featured on the Coalition LV podcast:
  • I love you, guys!
  • v I second this. I understand people who don't like or would get tired of his sound, but I appreciate the musical style a lot.
  • Sun Glitters really is a concoction of the musical elements that I seem to crave the most. I would never look down on someone else for being annoyed or pained by sidechain compression, but I love it so much. It gives everything such a beautiful dynamicity.
  • it's not just you ampoules, i have no ear problems and it is basically painful to listen to.
  • I'm guessing it's because I have an inner ear disorder, but that made it literally painful to listen to. sucks because I liked it otherwise. lmf, at least I learned something new I guess.
  • sidechain compression (the kick drum is used to make the level of other elements drop). it is quite over the top in his music but i dunno if it would be the same without it tbh
  • I would have really liked this if the... dips in volume every few seconds didn't hurt my ears. lmao I don't even know what the term for it is, but seriously, every track?!
  • Sounds exactly like Stumbleine.
  • this would be a lot better if it didn't sound like every song was skipping. that shit gets real old.
  • Really Expressive
  • sun glitters' so good. i wish i could describe the feelings i got when i'm listening to their songs.
  • Really liking his stuff right now.
  • New pictures:
  • ждем в россии
  • bart1366613 ++++ want you in Ukraine!
  • too much light around here, that is so sexy...
  • Everythning Could Be Fine review:
  • want you in Ukraine!
  • What a discovery, props!
  • Beautiful
  • Your artworks are awsome ,,, thumbs up
  • wow!
  • SUN GLITTERS live at Electro-Mechanica festival (Saint-Petersburg, Russia) in November 24, 2012. FULL HD.
  • new mix is top notch
  • ravishin'
  • Insane ♥
  • really enjoying it but so far nothing to do with dubstep??
  • Vote up =


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