• DeVotchKa @ Abart

    9. Jul. 2008, 19:28 von pratchettfan

    Tue 8 Jul – DeVotchKa, Strozzini

    I've never heard of DeVotchKa before last week. By chance I visited the Abart Homepage and heard one of their songs. After a bit of further research I decided to give them a go and bought a ticket for their show in the Abart :).

    Strozzini were the opening act of the evening. They play easy listening alternative rock which for my taste was too tame and lacked the necessary energy. Still they do have a couple of good songs, and most of the guests seemed to have liked their show.

    Then it was time for DeVotchKa and their gypsy folk mariachi love "rock". At first I was amazed by the sheer number of instruments on stage. Even though the band only consists of four members a round dozen instruments could be spotted. DeVotchKa played a very interesting concert where they demonstrated their brilliance with all the different instruments and unconventional mixture of genres. For the most part I liked what I heard, however…