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Steven John Wilson (* 3. November 1967 in Hemel Hempstead) ist ein britischer Musiker. Wilson spielt diverse Instrumente und ist autodidaktisch erlernter Produzent, Toningenieur, Gitarrist und Keyboarder.

Am besten bekannt als Gründer, Sänger, Gitarrist und Songwriter der Progressive-Rock-Band Porcupine Tree, deren Alben Deadwing (2005) und Fear of a Blank Planet (2007) vom Classic Rock Magazine zum jeweiligen „Album des Jahres“ gekürt wurden, ist Wilson auch in vielen anderen Bands und Projekten involviert, die weit über die Genre-Grenzen des hinaus… mehr erfahren



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  • Woah! Genius man! I'm gonna see you soon!!!
  • Veneno para las hadas.
  • Compro dos boletos para el 11 de febrero en el plaza
  • Seeing him perform live in Tilburg tonight and again in Groningen tomorrow :) Can't wait, it's bound to become mind-blowing
  • Going to his concert this thursday.. can't wait!!!
  • I really don't get that kinda weird ending of "Sunday Rain Sets In"....
  • Happiness III sounds like Blackfield but even more homosex [2]
  • porcelain_tree is correct. The EP/mini album/whatever is enjoyable but it was never going to be a masterpiece, or even particularly coherent. Also, I enjoy My Book Of Regrets a lot more after seeing it live t'other night.
  • Vermillioncore in Manchester on Friday night - wow!
  • Reality check. It's an EP of unreleased songs, polished so that they supersede the inevitable bootleg versions that get collected into torrents (like Out Absentia and Recordings II). That anyone expects a grand statement out of this is a testament to SW's vision, I suppose. But because SW has defied expectation every step of the way, fans of a particular album are just a segment, regardless of how deeply they feel. This has happened from the early days of PT. There are fans that think anything after TSMS is garbage. Others think SD and LS are prime, and the "metal" years of PT are garbage. Many think those heavier years are prime, and despise SW's solo work. Every SW solo album has a set of fans who think the others are garbage. Some think that SW ruined Opeth and hate everything, just to teach him a lesson. Some of us have followed SW for many years and enjoy whatever he releases.

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