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  • The Spirit of 76! Keep on Rocking me Stevie.....
  • Camping out on Lake Erie. Summer of 1976. This song/album was just out. Memories.
  • Steve Miller was and is so cool.
  • 1979 - good herb/ wine and the SMB playing from the car stereo at the park. People of different races digging the scene... Good times. Yeah, they should be inducted into R&R Hall of Fame.
  • əntigə!
  • gəşəng!
  • A perfect song !
  • Wore out every album,8Track & cassette I ever owned listening to the SMB back in the day. Great party music. Every thing SMB did went good with kegger parties down by the lake and bring your own <3<3<3.
  • Sweet..
  • Nice voice.
  • Why isn't Steve "Guitar" Miller in the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame?.. It baffles me!...For Chrissakes,they let Abba in!!!
  • life is so so beautiful :-))))))))))))
  • wiohooooooooooooooooooo
  • did you hear the music???? we're lost in space...great music this is<3<3<3
  • Wake Up!!! Look around you...
  • this is incredible <3
  • sempre que eu ouço essa música, me dá uma alegria inexplicável.
  • T he Joker back to thrill us again !!!
  • In the highest court of rock !!!!!
  • i wish people would stop puting religeon in music your WAY OFF how the hell does wake up be riligus have anything to do with this song
  • Boss tune!
  • en sevdiğim...
  • hey look good music111111111
  • New one on me this.Must have passed me by somewhere.Not bad.
  • My first concert-----Steve gave my jr high free tickets , talk about memories
  • wow love it
  • Steve miller never gets old to me. How many memories do you associate with his music?
  • I am serenading while she is cooking.
  • sounds like meat puppets
  • favorite song by them, i used to listen to it on repeat for hours.. its so beautiful!
  • My FAVORITE SM song! Love it!
  • Nice Song! :D
  • Its all good
  • @njmama : COOL!! Thanks for sharing that part I didn't know that, and it makes this awesome song even better!!!!
  • Yeah !
  • I love how God's answer to Job from the book of Job is woven into the lyrics (that's where all that stars serenading business comes from). My favorite passage, which makes a great song even better IMO!
  • Best.
  • yeah..love was all around me...;)
  • of ya ne aradım ha şarkıyı! şükür!
  • did you fell the love
  • CLARO QUE SÍ: aluuuuucinante.....
  • ingnition, engines on !
  • einfach nur geil
  • perfect but it has a distressing story!!!
  • I think it's psychedelic
  • This is seriously one of the greatest songs ever.
  • Brilliant!!!
  • he he


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