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Local Boy in the Photograph (3:22)


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  • There's no mistake, I smell that smell
  • What a great voice, under rated band.
  • Reminds me of "Brigitte" by Los Planetas.
  • I love this song so much (2)
  • I love this song so much. the album is very good too.
  • Oh GOD.
  • Very "The Bends" and I love it!
  • Every time the clocks go back I always think of this song.
  • This Is The 90's =)
  • Something bad happened to this band.
  • not band..
  • godddddd my dad's friend's son just recently killed himself the same way and now this song is extra........good.
  • Loved this song the first time I heard it and I still love it now. Remember hearing at T in the Park 98 - crowd all singing along. Fantastic!
  • Brilliant song, one of the best from them
  • R.I.P. Stuart
  • It's been written thousands of times but I just wanted to add a comment in honour of Stuart Cable, whose recent death seemed to add a really tragic dimension to this song. It's an epic. Rest in peace, Stuart.
  • when they played this live at the secc, allong with a few other tracks. Everyone sang allong, just one of those songs. And i love it and i love the music that band makes. And i totally agree with kelly jones about how most modern music is mass-produced and is sh*t, especially the stuff from pop-idle and x-factor, they just make it worse. looking at you dizzie and you jedward. These are both examples of embarassments to the name music, They are not musical at all. sorry bout that but i get carried away sometimes but "music" isnt made anywhere near the way it used to. Bands used to be inspired by an event in their lives to write a song, and put their emotions into it, and really put their heart and sould into it, and you could feel it when listening. Now its not inspired by anyhting but money and greed. Acts like dizzie leave the writing part to his producer, he sings it, and he gets money. Its just wrong. But yeah this is a fine example of proper music :)
  • Their best song by a long way. So great, so sad yet fucking awesome!
  • nice!
  • Gotta be their all time classic! agree?.
  • great
  • mintage
  • One of their best, and considering it was one of their first pretty impressive.
  • Very nice !!!
  • When they were still good
  • My favourite Stereophonics song
  • there best track
  • excelente tema :)
  • It makes me think of how happy I was when I first heard it. Great song.
  • This song is amazing.
  • best track. like, ever.
  • In the words of Kelly Jones, this song is a Fucking Classic
  • These guys are badass live - saw them open for Lenny Kravitz in Prague a few years ago and they blew LK right off the stage.
  • amazing song
  • *is in the video* =]
  • one of teh best stereophonics tracks ever

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