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Steam Powered Giraffe (SPG) ist ein Musicalprojekt das 2008 in San Diego gegründet wurde un vor allem in der Subkultur des Steampunk große Popularität genießt. Angeführt von den Zwillingen David Michael Bennett und Isabella Bennet, den beiden verbleibenden Originalmitgliedern, verbinden SPG Sketches, Popkulturanleihen, Improvisationen kabarettistischer Art und ihre eigenständige Art der Liedermacherei.



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  • (♡ˊ͈ ॢ꒳ ॢˋ͈)♪
  • DEAR MODERATORS, PLEASE CHANGE Christopher to Isabella Bunny Bennett. She deserves some respect don't ya think.
  • The new album is truly something special. This whole musical/opera style of story telling really suits them well, I hope they continue this to the next ablum.
  • are they really robots
  • vote for the most relevant SPG photo with upgraded Rabbit to be main please! http://www.lastfm.ru/music/Steam+Powered+Giraffe/+images/104389995
  • The only person I know that listens to this band wears a fedora half the time... he also watches my little pony while playing magic the gathering.
  • I'm a huge faggot and I come on band's pages just so I can post nasty comments.
  • >I love this band but fedoracore? who wrote this? Steampunk is synonymous with fedoracore, friend. I like the music but the other aspects of this "culture" are just 2euphoric4me [2] You could be an individual and just enjoy things.
  • m'lady

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