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Jean-Philip Grobler, known by his stage name St. Lucia, is a South African-born, Brooklyn-based musician. He is signed to Neon Gold Records which released his self-titled EP and his debut album When the Night.

Grobler started making music when he was 12 years old. He was inspired by Boyz II Men, Michael Jackson, Sting and Phil Collins. He soon was experimenting with rock music; however, after 10 years, he got bored with it and got back to the 80s music influences from his childhood. In 2013, when asked about his main musical influences, he noted Phil Collins, Fleetwood Mac (especially Tango in the Night), Radiohead (OK Computer), Mew (And the Glass Handed Kites), and Paul Simon (Graceland).

After studying for three years in Liverpool, he moved to Brooklyn. There he worked for The Lodge, which helps with music licensing for films and television shows, while continuing to work on his own music. He was signed to Neon Gold Records; in 2012, they re-released his self-titled EP he had previously released independently. A full-length album, "When the Night", was released in October 2013.

Live performances have included fellow musicians Nick Brown, Ross Clark, Nicky Paul and Patricia Beranek. Grobler has also remixed tracks for such bands as Passion Pit, Foster the People and Charli XCX. He produced the debut album by HAERTS. Grobler also opened for Two Door Cinema Club during their 2013 tours. Grobler kicked off his St. Lucia 2014 nationwide tour in Philadelphia, PA on January 13, 2014 and continue to tour across the U.S. and Australia in the months to follow.

In early December of 2014, St. Lucia played a special acoustic set at Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel, during which Grobler shared stories about his songs and performed the first live performance of “Call Me Up” and first acoustic rendition of “All Eyes On You”.

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