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Pulling Mussels (From The Shell) (4:00)

80s · new wave · rock · pop · power pop


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  • from the cult British made for TV film "Riding High"
  • Great 89s song.
  • Think that this is the version they re-recorded 4 or 5 years back - which they did with many of their hits so they could (rightfully) get the correct royalties
  • Seminal classic.
  • Cold topless ladies look away...
  • this song reminds me of when i was like 5
  • fine song
  • Great bass playing!
  • class
  • still great live g-live 2012
  • the best!
  • great song!
  • I believe I commented on this song but yeah,I agree,timeless..You brilliant brits.
  • Wind über freiem Land,trübem Nebelwetter/Glockenheide,lichtem Grün zarter junger Bäume
  • This song never gets old. Even when I'm all Squeezed-out, this one and "Another Nail for My Heart" are just as irresistible as ever.
  • ...and me!
  • Squeeze fan since late 70s
  • yupp, that's it!
  • Pulling muscles for Michelle?
  • great sound
  • Caught these guy 4 or 5 times over the years as squeeze and just Difford and Tillbrook . Just outstanding writing.Peace.
  • great tune!!
  • "One of the best seafood songs out there." HAHA, very good! As great as that charming and wonderful song. Cool and light-hearted at the same time.
  • Classic.
  • marvellous
  • I think I prefer this version to the more mainstream one...
  • for me this is part of the soundtrack of 1991. a year of joyous chaos!!!
  • my holiday's complete ;)
  • Squah - heez! Love it!
  • One of the best seafood songs out there.
  • Reminds me of my childhood !!!
  • Superb Band, Good old days.
  • Classical songwriting, timeless !
  • I love mussels! Yummy! Smoked mussels in oil. Now I'm hungry.
  • Incredible
  • Damn near perfect music.
  • The new Lennon & McCartney........Songwriting at it's best.
  • @be_xl: maybe you're thinking of Black Coffee In Bed, I think Elvis Costello did backing vocals on that one
  • Love.Love.Love!
  • Best 5-second piano solo in music.
  • May be this one that McCartney or Elvis Costello are credited as backing vocals... could be wrong though.
  • this is ace. top band.
  • catchy Brit rock
  • good song from a very good band
  • Who the fuck is Chris Gifford.... I have decided in my old age that what they say is what they are singing about. Mussels. The whole world doesn't revolve around
  • I never took it at its literal meaning either - or do I have a dirty mind...
  • I'm not great at interpreting lyrics but I don't think this is about enjoying sea food! Great tune.
  • similar artists...........who the fuck is chris difford.......???????? do they mean CHRIS GIFFORD......??????


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