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  • will euch live sehen/hören.... BALD
  • Fantastic band!
  • vote up guys, the same image with purple skies, but band members are now visible in the library.
  • riffs of Spiritual Beggars is pure bliss :3
  • 2 DarkEst85 Indeed!
  • "Demons" is still their best.
  • More pictures from the tour:
  • Earth blues is an excellent album. Congratulations to the band.
  • More like "Come back, Spice". ;)
  • Come back, JB. =(
  • Earth Blues fucking OWNS...
  • I hear so much familiar or inspired melodies. like Hello Sorrow = its a sin (petshop boys) . Sweat magic pain = some dj aligator song ( about counter strike i think). One man army = some Micheal Jackson song ( black or white i think)
  • New album owns
  • German review of the new album by "Earth Blues" gets solid 8 out of 10 !
  • Best album so far.Awesome!!!!!!!!
  • Earth Blues is another fucking masterpiece
  • Awesome \m/
  • Earth Blues sounds fucking good!
  • 'young man old soul' SRSLY (⋐^ↂ^⋑)
  • Earth Blues is amazing!
  • ... kann zur Droge werden ! Affengeil !
  • can't wait too see guys live on may...that's gonna be awesome!
  • wise as a serpent.. can't fucking wait.... awesome track, awesome band playing tight...
  • - sounds great!
  • I miss JB's voice on the newest album :(
  • Hard rock? Are you kidding me?
  • Much heavier band than I expected, and it is metal for sure. Far too heavy and riff-oriented to be considered hard rock only. I've only heard On Fire and Ad Astra, and both are excellent metalrock albums.
  • great band, but this is not stoner metal, is hard rock
  • This band is fucken great !!!!
  • "Killing Time" is sick! loving Bloody Hammers too
  • Tour pls
  • Hey everyone! If you’re into stoner rock/old hard rock than check out my band: Cheers from Poland!
  • Mantra III is a great album boys and girls
  • Wow Wow new band for me hrhr
  • @fakethrasher, exactly! Ad Astra, Demons and among it all the great Michael Amott! Boundries of awesomeness are trembling heavily.
  • Be sure to Pre-Order Spiritual Beggars "Mantra III", "Another Way to Shine", "Ad Astra", and "On Fire" from Music For Nations being released 1/31 via The End Records before its too late! To find out more about these titles check out this Billboard article
  • Mantra III is fucking amazing, the riffs!
  • Spiritual Beggars - Live @ Roskilde Festival, Denmark, 01-07-2000
  • Musicaly is totaly not stoner.. but i see some idea of it in the voice style... and the stoner genre is for me some kind of state more than particular guitars, or whatever... but anyway, is hard rock, totaly agree.
  • awesome!!!
  • Well, you can always use this:
  • Sorry to say that I probably won't listen to SB anymore since they have been removed from Spotify . I will not buy a CD and I'm to lazy to mess around with mp3s/files nowadays.
  • Absolutely magnificent live. The new album has its moments even if the older material is mostly better.
  • Ad Astra and fuckin Demons!! fuck you Michael Ammott!! You are my guitar hero!!
  • live with Arch Enemy for the first time ever in Cyprus!
  • great band
  • The new album didn't really click with me. It's been a while since I last heard it though, perhaps I need to give it another chance :) Ad Astra is still my favorite album so far though.
  • Their music makes me happy, sets in good mood! It's so amazing band especially if you need some rest from sad black and death metal music.
  • love this band


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