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  • Sparta is a band of real musicians... thats kinda rare
  • hmm... I roughly remember hearing the intro of "Collapse" looped as a BGM in one of the emogames... that was so long ago
  • I wish I could see these guys play their comeback show in El Paso. =[ They need to come to NYC on their comeback TOUR. =D
  • See you in El Paso fffffffffffffffuck yeaaaaaaaaaaaah
  • They're back!!!
  • Sparta is playing their first show since 2008 in El Paso, Texas in November! I'm totally making it
  • wiretap scars is really good
  • This is sparta![5]
  • haha
  • This is sparta! [4]
  • If you become a Mars Volta drone... then maybe...
  • Addicted... I simply can't find any way not to listen to Sparta. Let me know if You find it :]
  • I play this tune far too much ❤❤❤
  • This is sparta! [3]
  • realy true boys \m/
  • This is sparta! [2]
  • This is sparta!
  • Picked up Porcelain for 3 bucks at the record store today. Definitely worth it and then some, they made some solid stuff after ATDI broke up.
  • Yes, ynard. Nothing compares to atdi.
  • OKish yet lacks all the energy of ATD-I :/
  • he has a good voice and ability to scream
  • jim has wonderful elbows [4]
  • jim has wonderful elbows [3]
  • No this is Patrick
  • jim has wonderful elbows [2] I'm just gonna second that for no fuckin' reason.
  • yeah Wtf? ATDI may have been post hardcore but Sparta's too melodic to be post hardcore. Sparta is simply alternative rock.
  • the best post-hardcore bands out there! [3]
  • I'm interested in finding a Live from Aussie-land album.
  • post-hardcore? wake up
  • Jim Ward....please return to me....
  • the best post-hardcore bands out there! [3]
  • Wiretap Scars ♥
  • This is Sparta! [2] =)
  • This is Sparta! :0
  • the best post-hardcore bands out there! [2]
  • the best post-hardcore bands out there!
  • One of the best post-hardcore bands out there!
  • I wouldn't be able to pick a favorite album. Each is so different. It's subtle, but different nonetheless. This collaboration of talent is amazing. Let's hope for more.
  • I think Porcelain is my favorite.
  • I enjoy all 3 albums but Wiretap Scars is my favorite of the 3.
  • You shouldn't get your hopes up though... :/
  • Yes, but it's in hiatus. "Sparta is not broken up, Sparta is taking a nap." That was posted on the Sleepercar website back in July.
  • Does Sparta still exist?!
  • I want this band to get back together...
  • it's pretty great how the two bands that formed out of At The Drive-In are both awesome!
  • love to sparta, engine down, and at the drive in
  • Wiretap Scars will always be one of my favorite albums of all time.


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