• Sonic Youth @ Fox Theater Pomona 1/8/10

    9. Jan. 2010, 18:28 von Chumsicles

    Fri 8 Jan – Sonic Youth, Sic Alps

    Well this was certainly the calmest show I've ever been to (outside of Paul McCartney and The Rolling Stones). The crowd was a bunch of indie stiffs with horn-rimmed glasses and beards, and all they could muster was a simple head-bobbing all the way through (notable exception being the pit during the 1st encore when they played "'Cross The Breeze"). I didn't even sweat! Though at some point some guy was crowd-surfing.

    Opening band Sic Alps were boring. They just seemed like a Sonic Youth ripoff to me. But I guess that's appropriate.

    Before the show started, me and my friend were standing in the lobby when we happened to notice none other than Lee Ranaldo standing near the entrance talking to some dude! I didn't say anything to him though.

    The setlist was kinda disappointing, with only a mere 16 songs. They played all of their new album The Eternal except for "Thunderclap for Bobby Pyn". …