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  • Greatest indie band ever!
  • Pioneers in noise rock who continued creating sophisticated, visceral music long after they became an alt-rock institution.
  • What a load of bollocks. Industrial music had nothing to do with no wave. They originated on other sides of the Atlantic and had different sets of influences. Gira didn't even become influenced by industrial until after the association with Sonic Youth was over and he was trying to get away from the no wave label (as were they). Clearly you are just making it up as you go along, though, so why bother debating.
  • @mickey67 Well that clinches it I guess. I'm off to buy a Pixies album to atone for my sins.
  • @sunheadbowed They were aligned with Swans for a glorious moment, that's Industrial enough for me. Anyways, Industrial, no-wave. Tom-AY-to, Tom-AH-to. They were essentially sister genres, with Industrial stemming more from the musique concrète and elektronische musik traditions.
  • @Misterjunior Or, alternatively, I actually appreciate them for distinctly non-"trad rock" reasons, hence the reference to industrial, which is of much more interest to me. But don't let that get in the way of your ignorant and reductive appraisal of me as "hipster-y," which coinicidentally happens to be the single most tired dismissing tactic of this laughable postmodern age. In any event, being labeled a "poser" is a much more damning indictment to me, so I'm just grateful I don't delude myself into thinking 'Daydream Nation' is anything more than pop/rock album on the more palatable side of post-punk. I'm 37-years-old; I got into the avant-garde through the extreme end of thrash metal and post-punk when I was 16 and I've been listening to this music for quite enough time to know what I like and to discern what is unique.
  • @LivingShit Funny that you take the band to task for being "an annoying cult of Cool" when your statement is that they were "vital" only up until the point of the LP issued right before they started making their most acclaimed albums (EVOL, Sister, Daydream Nation), which is about as hipster-y and transparently contrarian as it gets.
  • They were never aligned with industrial. They were aligned with no wave for a brief period, but even that was quickly considered to be a new 'post-no wave' style genre.
  • @livingshit what a load of nonsense.
  • I love and miss you Sonic Youth! Still really really great to listen to anytime anyplace! Thurston, Kim, Lee & Steve sY
  • "If you want me to, I will be the one that is always good. & you'll love me, too." -my mantra
  • They were vital when they were aligned with Industrial. Not much of interest after 'Bad Moon Rising,' just an annoying cult of Cool.
  • for all those who want to bring old lastfm back!
  • такие простые, и такие сложные. [2]
  • all here
  • we'd like to read more nimbie shouts.
  • thats alright
  • sorry
  • wow I can post in shoutboxes again
  • какой ужасный шаутбокс
  • такие простые, и такие сложные.
  • Вокал Ким, в контексте звучания группы, был вполне хорошим, характерным. Кто вам нужен? Чечилия Бартоли?
  • love Apotos and Adabat themes
  • every lvl 1 hipster fav band.
  • cheeky breeky fuck off
  • My friend Goo just goes, "Pee-yeeeew!"
  • Искусство делать шум охуенным.
  • i don't
  • I remember when this shoutbox used to be cool
  • @doabarrelrol_ ну вообще-то нужно же послушать, чтобы к такому прийти, так что все нормально
  • interesting stuff
  • >Вокал Ким всегда был говнищем. >98 прослушиваний Sonic Youth. Ай-яй-яй, молодой человек.
  • desuex_machina, дохуя шаришь, я смотрю. Хотя в чартах у тебя лютый наплыв говна, начиная от 'Bring Me the Horizon' и кончая 'Noize MC'.
  • Сказал фанат Bring Me the Horizon
  • Вокал Ким всегда был говнищем.
  • Kim's vocals were always the shit [2]
  • Все чаще возвращаюсь к ним!
  • Дрочу на них.
  • Kim's vocals influenced an entire generation of females in rock (and elsewhere), ya tosser.
  • <3
  • Почему-то раньше не доставляли вовсе, хороши ведь.
  • Kim's vocals were always shit.
  • Until she sounds like she's choking on vomit
  • Kim's vocals are so fuckin' sexy
  • Kim's vocals are still shit
  • годно
  • I listen on Bad Moon Rising
  • Listen to them rarely, i should bring my ears to this more.


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