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Sonic Syndicate ist eine schwedische Melodic Death Metal-Band aus Falkenberg. Die Band wurde 2002 als Fallen Angels gegründet. Zu den größten Einflüssen zählen Bands wie In Flames und Killswitch Engage. Die Band selber nennt ihren Stil "(Un)true nuclear metal"

Die Brüder Roger Sjunesson und Richard Sjunesson und ihr Cousin Robin Sjunesson spielten im Jahre 2002 mit Schulkameraden in diversen Bands. Da die drei ein eigenes Projekt mit einer anderen musikalischen Ausrichtung starten wollten gründete das Trio die Band… mehr erfahren



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  • Avatar für MachineAnimal
    You know I disagree with you Syndicaidramon. I don't see The Unguided material as more mainstream or less heavy than Only Inhuman or LAOD stuff which were imo the best of SS until the self titled album which I prefer as much or even more. The few lamer moments of LAOD can't compare to the overall failure of WRTN. Although that album has some great or good songs like Burn This City, Break Of Day, Plans Are For People and the title track. Heart of Eve and Dead and Gone were bonus tracks and a bit heavier but fairly typical SS stuff. I'd only say they were decent tracks and not even really part of the album. The biggest failure of WRTN is the lyrics though like MoogInRow said. I happen to like the lyrics of Plans Are For People and Break Of Day but those are the exceptions. From The Unguided Fragile Immortality was a bit samey but Lust and Loathing has more variety and new things which was nice.
  • Avatar für Syndicaidramon
    Yeah. It was.
  • Avatar für MoogInRow
    On the topic of The Unguided I liked Hell Frost but Fragile Immortality was boring
  • Avatar für Syndicaidramon
    The only thing The Unguided has going for it in terms of post-LAOD evolution is the lyrics, which are way beyond most of what can be found on WRTN, which was that album's weakest point by far. Self titled album improved in that regard, but had, for the most part, rather lackluster songwriting... And while Hellfrost was a decently diverse album, Fragile Immortality was just incredibly samey. Every song felt like a copy/paste.
  • Avatar für Syndicaidramon
    @MachineAnimal: I can't say I agree. The Unguided is far too safe and mainstream imo. Honestly, when listening to a lot of their tracks, they're really not too far from WRTN in terms of commercial appeal. Except that they're absolutely drowning in poppy synths most of the time, which ends up making them sound MORE commercially accessible than WRTN ever was. I mean, at least WRTN had tracks like "Break of Day", "Heart of Eve" and "Dead And Gone". What's the fastest, heaviest track The Unguided has? I'd say "Collapse My Dream" and it's on the level of an average Sonic Syndicate track at best in terms of intensity and energy.
  • Avatar für MoogInRow
    Id say that LAOD was their downfall, it had a few worthwhile tracks on it but a lot of the choruses never stuck out or were that memorable and some of the softer Alt Rock tracks were cringeworthy boring to sit through.
  • Avatar für MachineAnimal
    The Unguided sounds like what Sonic Syndicate should have evolved into after Love and Other Disasters. Yeah, they sound slightly different but I want my bands to evolve.
  • Avatar für Syndicaidramon
    To be fair, The Unguided is hardly anything resembling "real Sonic Syndicate" either. Save from having the same vocalists and guitarist, they sound nothing like golden era Sonic Syndicate.
  • Avatar für allen7
    this is not sonic syndicate anymore....real sonic syndicate is ''The Unguided'' only thing that is missing in that band is Karin :)
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