• february = songs about love (and associate emotions)

    6. Feb. 2008, 21:27 von jannon

    as this month's playlist is full of full-tracks and includes some real segues, I thought I'd also go ahead and make it available for clicks right away:

    1 Jim Ed Brown & The Browns – Pop A Top 2:19
    2 The Chinese Stars – (Love) And Electric Chair 3:32
    3 The Homosexuals – Galore Galore (vocal) 3:07
    4 The Coasters – Love Potion #9 2:45
    5 Shirley Collins – All Things Are Quite Silent 2:37
    6 Songs: Ohia – John Henry Split My Heart 6:08
    7 Diane Cluck – All I Bring You Is Love 2:40
    8 The Mills Brothers – You Always Hurt the One You Love 3:25
    9 Sally Shapiro – I Know 6:15
    10 The Dirtbombs – Stop 3:45
    11 Elvis Presley – Dark Moon 2:16
    12 My Bloody Valentine – Sometimes 5:18
    13 Nancy Sinatra – Sorry 'bout That 2:59
    14 Taana Gardner – Heartbeat 5:48
    15 Carlton & The Shoes – Love Me Forever 3:53
    16 Orange Juice – Consolation Prize 3:09
    17 Buzzcocks – Why Can't I Touch It 3:46
    18 Little Richard – If I Pick Her Too Hard (She Comes Out Of Tune) 3:50
  • A Whole Lotta Albums I Love - Part 20: Songs: Ohia - "The Magnolia Electric Co."

    17. Nov. 2007, 22:09 von Zeppledelin


    Songs: OhiaThe Magnolia Electric Co.

    “Split this full moon heart!”

    This album holds a kind of special place in my heart, as it can be described as the soundtrack of my last year at high school. Both in the sense that me and my friends played it a lot at the time, but also because it captures the essence of that year musically, in some strange way. I really don’t know what it is, but when I listened to Farewell Transmission again this summer, after not hearing it for quite some time, it made me strangely melancholic. A bit watery in the eyes, it kinda made me realise that the mentioned era of my life was over. It was an odd feeling.

    As you might have noticed by now, I like albums that manage to capture melancholy. I guess I’m just a depressing person. And this is, for me, somewhat like the chieftain of these albums. Still, with the notable sadness always present throughout, it also holds some kind of unmistakable, uplifting joy. …