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Soilwork ist eine schwedische Melodic-Death-Metal-Band. Sie zählt mit In Flames und Dark Tranquillity zu den bedeutendsten Bands des Genres. Charakteristische Merkmale der jüngeren Bandgeschichte sind klare Vokal-Parts und die Keyboardmelodien, die in Liedern wie Light the Torch oder As We Speak einen großen Teil der Musik ausmachen.


Die Band wurde Ende 1995 als Inferior Breed gegründet, bevor sie 1997…

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  • <3
  • I agree about the drum sound, I would prefer a dryer, more natural sound. Anyway, I'm loving this album all the same!
  • Bjorn cleans are pretty muffled at times too (title track, All Along Echoing Paths)
  • It's not so much that I think the overall mix is muddy, it's that I think the drums are "wet". Listen to the drums on NBC compared to Majestic. NBC the sound is tight -- I guess the "attack" is quick and then it decay's instantly. On Majestic it's like the opposite, the sound from dirk's drum hits linger for longer. I don't think this is a bad thing, I just don't think it fits soilwork's music as well. I also feel like their recent albums, the guitars aren't as upfront as they used to be, I don't really mind that much though. Jens Bogren is a great mixer/master/producer -- and yeah in this album I think he did a good job with Sven, he mixed him lower in the previous one. In the youtube questionaire thing, Bjorn/Dirk said Sven doesn't like being up front and asks them to turn him down all the time, despite everyone else wanting him up front lol.
  • the production is for sure very dense, but i feel like the _sound_ overall is well-mixed. hell, i can even hear some bass on Ride Majestic (amusingly, the bass on the album wasn't performed by Flink OR Wibom but by the guitarists as Flink had left just before sessions started!) and Sven is FINALLY mixed well again. i guess i understand your feeling that it's a bit "muddy" but i just think it's cuz they have a big damn sound. ;)
  • Just to add, I actually really liked the vocals on Majestic. I think they are diverse and the lyrics/emotions they evoke are pretty strong for me, especially on Death in General. My own grandmother died a few years ago and when I think back about her I like to remember the good times I had with her and not that she's gone. And I feel like that song, the vocals/lyrics really hits home for me. It's probably my fav song on the album.
  • I think Dirk's technical stuff is fine -- I just don't care for his sound. Henry Ranta was also pretty sick technically, but his drum sound was tight and focused. Dirk's is like wet and muddied. In fact I think my biggest problem with the last few soilwork albums have all been production related. TLI was 20 songs that all had the same length and general sound. Like there were definitely good songs in there, but since they all sounded the same in both writing formula and production, none of them stood out. It was too bloated. Ride is better in terms of writing, there is more diverse songs, but again the mix/sound kills it. Aside from a few parts I barely even pay attention to the guitars. The drumming sounds muddy. Idk -- I like both albums, but I feel liek 10 years from now when I go back and listen to soilwork, it's going to be to FNF/Chainheart/NBC/etc era.
  • I personally don't have a problem with a more progressive sound per se, I just think they haven't been able to pull it off. Everything sounds indeed scattered, with no real flow between the components. I also agree that Dirk has become pretty much unsufferable, great technical skills but dreadful taste, so much unnecessary nonsense.
  • btw, Whirl of Pain is a ridiculously good song, and probably Soilwork's darkest, most emphatically-sorrowful song so far. it has such a great, doomed mood that really sets it apart.
  • i disagree, but that's cool. i believe the band would not have let dirk do all the blasting (and there IS a ton, for sure... I won't deny that) and extreme beats if they didn't feel it appropriate for what they were trying to convey. after all, Speed wrote most of the songs, with Andersson writing a bunch of the others, and the liners say "all songs arranged by Soilwork". I get the feeling it was all done very consciously to evoke a sense of chaos and emotional turmoil -- the kind that results from grief and loss, as the album is mainly about those themes. Soilwork have been moving away from the "instant catchy songs" movement since (arguably) The Panic Broadcast, and Andersson on guitars and as a co-writer has seemingly made it apparent that they are doing much more complex, varied stuff now. Not to say it isn't catchy, but it's not as easily digestible. it's a welcome change to me, but i get why some people have issues. cheers!

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