• The Best of the Best: My List of Spine-Tingling Tracks (V.2 - "The other good stuff")

    30. Apr. 2006, 5:02 von flamedragon

    I tried really hard not to make the first version of this too lengthy, but I really enjoyed going through my music like that. I am sorry I can't give a better review than "Holy shit this song makes me erect with a fiery passion for guitars" but it's true, I really love this stuff and sometimes I don't know how to express that deep interest. So, I am going to go through my music again, and include other bands that I feel I edged out simply because I feared making too long of a post. I love all of my music, and so much of it stands out in different ways. Anyway, let's see how this one goes. *Tries to review better*

    Amon Amarth
    Yeah, probably one of the first songs I had heard from Amon Amarth, simply beautiful. It starts off extremely slow in a chilling guitar sound, with pounding drums that almost make me think of wardrums (probably the lyrical influence in my head). This is equal in awesomeness to North Sea Storm, possibly even better. …