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"Loved by those who were lucky to hear them. Formed in the early '80s by ex-Saccharine Trust drummer Rob Holzman and other hangers-on of the LA scene, they went on to release a string of stunning, evocative and highly individual records that still amaze today. There is truly no other band that sounds like Slovenly. Sometimes they evoke memories of No Wave, Beefheart, MX-80 Sound, Wire, Television, Pere Ubu and The Fall, yet their synthesis of these influences is their own. The guitars weave throughout each other like a good Magic Band should, or Lloyd and Verlaine in Television once did, the rhythm sections anchors itself into a beat to allow their fellow members to achieve this, and the vocalist, the deapan Steve Anderson, delivers his sermons of love and woe. Four completely brilliant LP's were released in a row: Thinking of Empire from 1986, Riposte from 1987, We Shoot For the Moon from 1989 and Highway to Hanno's 1992."

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