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Sleepthief is an American electronic music recording project formed by producer and composer Justin Elswick. Elswick began writing music for the album ten years prior to its release. The album was mixed, mastered, co-produced, and co-arranged by Israel Curtis. Sleepthief's first album, The Dawnseeker, was released in 2006.

Sleepthief is most often compared to musical groups such as Delerium (in its output from the mid-1990s onward) and Balligomingo, which produce emotive, melodic, synthesized music with what is often described as New Age-influenced ethnic characteristics from other cultures. Also similar to these groups is Sleepthief's use of pop music-based song structures with performances by female singers: eleven vocalists contribute to The Dawnseeker, many of whom are established recording artists, and some having worked with the aforementioned groups previously.

All songs written by Elswick and the vocalist featured except where otherwise noted.

1. "Eurydice"
* featuring Jody Quine
2. "Desire of Ages" (Curtis, Elswick, Harland, James Harland-Wright)
* featuring Shelley Harland
3. "You Did a Good Thing" (Elswick, Eric Harris, Hitchcock)
* featuring Nicola Hitchcock (formerly of Mandalay)
4. "Just Say It"
* featuring Kyoko Baertsoen (of Lunascape)
5. "The Chauffeur" (Duran Duran) (original by Duran Duran)
* featuring Kirsty Hawkshaw
6. "Tenuous"
* featuring Jody Quine
7. "Sublunar (Sweet Angel)"
* featuring Kristy Thirsk
8. "Nightjar" (Lavelle)
* featuring Caroline Lavelle
9. "Fire from Heaven"
* featuring Roberta Carter Harrison (of Wild Strawberries)
10. "The Metro" (John Crawford) (original by Berlin)
* featuring Jerri Eckert
11. "Kiss to Savor"
* featuring Jody Quine
12. "Afterthoughts" (Edman)
* featuring Lauren Edman
13. "Entre Ciel et Mer" (Elswick, Harris, Sandrine Ligabue)
* featuring San.Drine

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