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Skyharbor entstand aus dem Soloprojekt des Künstlers Keshav Dharr (Hydrodjent). Das Genre lässt sich als Progressive Metal (oder: "Djent") beschreiben und nutzt neben Polyrhythmen kompliziertere Songstrukturen und technisch aufwändige Melodien.
Daniel Tompkins, welcher zu der Zeit noch bei TesseracT war, fragte Dharr, ob er zu seinen bis dato instrumentalen Songs Gesang ausprobieren könne. Die Musiker arbeiteten…

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  • Want to hear something much, much better?
  • GuiltyByDesign_: Anup was going to focus on intervals but that didn't work out and Skyharbor had already found a replacement for him by that point, so Anup joined Monuments instead. Dan quit to focus on tesseract
  • Mr_Bonzo you're out of your mind
  • back after several months. it doesn't feel as djenty as skyharbor did before and yet i get the impression that they weren't focefully trying to get into the 'label'. more like they went with the flow. more soft parts, which is not necessarily bad. quite the contrary - it's awesome. however. as much as i hate admiting this - my passion for this album was temporal. nevertheless, this release is worth buying.
  • would be better without vocals
  • Dafuq is going on with these guys? First Anup and now Dan is out.
  • 'Guiding Lights' is beautiful!
  • Patience is gorgeous. Allure is a great moving track. Decent album with some standout songs.
  • "Guiding Lights" there is from another planet. Congratulations.
  • the new one was a little underwhelming but nothing I can't get past. Here's to hoping there next one blows me away

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