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Silent Civilian is a metalcore band originating from Los Angeles, California. Following his departure from synth-metal band Spineshank in 2004, frontman Jonny Santos felt he wanted to move in a different direction musically and start from scratch. Silent Civilian was thus formed and the band faced trouble from the start after experiencing several line-up changes and departing from their original record label Corporate Punishment Records.

The band signed with Mediaskare Records and released their debut record, Rebirth of the Temple, on May 2, 2006. Receiving generally positive reviews, the album has sold more than 25,000 copies since its release in the United States. The band continues to tour supporting the record as Santos one day wants to establish the band as a headlining act. Their line-up consists of Santos (vocals and guitar), Rudy "Fyto" Perez (guitar) and Stan Derby (bass). Drummer Chris Mora left the band in late December 2007 due to "personal reasons".

Rebirth of the Temple

Track listing:

"A Call to Arms" – 1:24
"Funeral" – 6:14
"The Song Remains Un-Named" – 5:54
"Rebirth of the Temple" – 4:12
"Divided" – 6:07
"Bitter Pill" – 3:44
"Force Fed" – 3:44
"Lies in the House of Shame" – 7:32
"Wrath" – 5:53
"Dead to Me" – 5:06
"Blood Red Sky" /// "First Amendment" – 4:43 /// 4:34 ***
"Falling Down" – 3:08
"Live Again" – 6:12

Rebirth of the Temple is the debut album by the metalcore music group Silent Civilian. It was released on May 2, 2006 via Mediaskare Records. The album contains two enhanced videos - one music video for the song "Rebirth of the Temple" and a behind-the-scenes look at how the album was made. In the music video, Wayne Static from Static-X can be seen on the left at the start. Nearly a year after the album's release, a video for "The Song Remains Un-Named" was released. The video shows the possible tragic effects of alcohol and drug abuse. The edit of the song is different than that of the album as not only is the song shortened heavily, but during the chorus, there is an extra lead guitar playing. The title of the song is a parody of Led Zeppelin's "The Song Remains the Same".

*** = Some copies of the album feature a different eleventh track entitled First Amendment while others feature the song Blood Red Sky.

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