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Sigur Rós

All alright (6:16)


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  • нудятина какая-то
  • it's more Valtari's song than Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust, perfect end of MSIEVSE and introduction to Valtari
  • very heartwarming... the song that i want to hug and cuddle with.
  • I can't count anymore how much beautiful songs this band made. But this one will definitely always a special place in my heart.
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  • This song is so beautifully delicate.
  • The greatest moment on the album.
  • Sigur Ros have an incredible skill of nearly making me cry with happiness at so many of their songs!
  • Can't get any better than this. [2]
  • it gives me the feeling of... stillness. yes, that's the word. stillness.
  • :(
  • so beautiful..
  • Can't get any better than this.
  • Ultra calming, I don't feel like even moving when I hear this.
  • :)
  • Singing in tune together / A psalm for no one
  • that first note always gives me goosebumps, great song.
  • Makes me feel sleep
  • Selkie's song
  • Indescribably beautiful
  • Ondine <3
  • This song is so beautiful. I first heard it from Ondine and I have fallen in love since. It's a beautiful piece for that film, as it is a beautiful piece to apply to life.
  • It reminds me about my unrequited love. And when I'm listening to it at night, I cannot stop myself from whispering: "За что мне это... почему именно я должна страдать?.."
  • Beautiful!!
  • it reminds me the LOST theme.... maravillosa.....
  • First heard this song in Ondine. What a beautiful piece.
  • just <3
  • ; _ ;
  • Please also try this: THX!
  • so somber and delicate. when this comes on, everything moves in slow motion to me
  • Ondine
  • ):
  • Haha was listening through the album and I was like in trance, but then when I got to this song I started to recognise something... something felt familiar... and then I was like "WTF, is... is that english?" XD
  • make me calm
  • Wonderful song, didn't even know they had a song in english
  • beautiful
  • this is still the most beautiful song ive ever heard
  • he's singing in English? SERIOUSLY? O.O
  • this song is literally so sad. i normally dont cry for anything like this, but i cant hold it in at all during this song. but its also confirmingly sober... death... the universe...lifes unimportance...blahblahblah
  • it's so calm and sad...
  • My song in my funeral.
  • ondine <3
  • melancholy
  • mindblowingly beautiful
  • ondine
  • Breathtaking - every time!
  • this song is so... there's no word which could describe this song <3<3<3 It makes me cold and worm at the same time
  • Lovelly
  • love this!!


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