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  • Indie will always be indie...
  • when indie was indie
  • A really beautiful track. Wouldn't it be great to hear it on the radio from time to time? Come on BBC.
  • не любитель с86, но по крутости они вторые после the pastels
  • <3
  • " i was looking for a job and found this band instead." x2 lol
  • heard a track on 6 music, still sounds fresh, saw em a few tmes in the 80s
  • Good band
  • good band ! nice voice fun guitars
  • these guys really deserve to be more popular
  • Good times.
  • lol
  • "i was looking for a job and found this band instead." )))
  • :) @ chronicplutonic
  • i was looking for a job and found this band instead.
  • mmm
  • Great 80's tunes ...memories !!!!
  • I love their cover of 'You Trip Me Up'.
  • Great Stuff!!!
  • royalpoet, have you heard their cover of JAMC's "You Trip Me Up?"
  • Outra jóia perdida de uma banda que esperamos ter o seu dia ainda.
  • two same albums?
  • I was hoping they had the full track "I don't want to be friends with you" Ah well.
  • Join my group: [url=]Post-Punk.[/url]
  • I'm surprised at how little the Shop Assistants are compared to Jesus & Mary Chain. They have a very similar "hooky pop mixed with noise" approach, to me.
  • the cover of train from kansas city is just so wonderful.
  • jepp.
  • i agree with what saka said
  • Once you get through (or skip) the boring review, you can get all of their 7"s here:
  • (that was not a rant)
  • That reissue was a huge missed opportunity, wasn't it? Cherry Red should've at least had the decency to include "Safety Net" (which is a few trillion times better than anything on Will Anything Happen) as a bonus track, and if they were really generous they would've released a 2-disc set of the Shoppies' complete recordings. The anthology on emusic is nice, but I'd like to see a definitive collection on CD before Alex Taylor dies of extreme old age.
  • Shop Assistants' cover of 'Train From Kansas City' inspires Amelia Fletcher's new album:
  • Sorry, that should've been Edinburgh, obviously.
  • My all-time favourite band. If they ever re-formed, they'd really put Inverary on the map.
  • they still have vinyls out on avalance records that are easy to pick up for example the here it comes EP. Yes however i agree its a disgrace that their music remains out of print in large
  • The anthology disc's on emusic.
  • Why is it that All that ever mattered is streamable and not say, Safety Net?
  • yeah definitely. i think all that ever mattered is just the highest track cos its streamable ?
  • Where can I listen to them?

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