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Seasons come and seasons go . . but SETTLE THE SCORE is still on the map and ready to beat the shit outta your bodies.
The story started back in `99 when 3 friends wanted to start a new mayhem of a band. The guys had been part of the scence for years, due to their work with their label/ distro SPILL THE BLOOD . The 1st release was a 3 track demo, which was released in Europe and in Japan. The response was so amazing… all copies were sold out after a short time. The release was followed by lotsa shows and festivals, where STS shared the stages with the likes of Ignite or Rykers.

Turn the page, the next step was a split cd with the us bands SWORN VENGEANCE and NJBLOODLINE. Released in Europe by Berlin`s MADMOB RECORDS and the US label ON THE RISE. Meanwhile FILLED WITH HATE RECORDS released a split 7” with sidekick, and the band played more and more shows like the Dour Festival and HC-Superbowl.

Please turn the page again… a 3½ weeks tour over the states with NJ BLOODLINE and their full lenght debut ROYAL FLASH released on MADMOB RECORDS was another highlight for the guys. Until today the cd is already sold out too… another 2 week tour through Europe with EVERYBODY GETS HURT awaited them… one gig followed
by another, STS played more than ever, and the response was amazing. But you think they can`t rise higher and higher… don`t write them of… Japan was up to kick ass… 9 shows (3 sold out before even landed) with EVERYBODY GETS HURT and TJMAXX… what a blast… STS became more and more an institution of Europe`s HC scene!! So be prepared for the next level. STS signed to ALVERAN RECORDS and entered the studio again, entered…? No they fuckin` captured Cuny (former
producer of Blind Guardian) and his Mindtransplant Studios and recorded a masterpiece FIVE KNUCKLE PHILOSOPHY to reconquering the crown!!

But every story has some tragic moments left… taking losses means beeing though. Longtime Bandmates and friends Peter and Benjamin deceide to leave STS!! Some said that STS would never be as strong as they were - but they fuckin` failed!! Sven (SPILL THE BLOOD RECORDS) and Devo (former member of ALVERAN RECORDS, ex NYARI, ex MACHINEMADE GOD and CROWLEY`S PASSION) fitted into the gap and gave STS unknown power and strength. The chemistry between these 4 guys was amazing, it seemed like that they were playing together for years.

In the meantime the boys played a lot of shows all around europe and fi nished the recording session for the new record BACK TO THE STREETS. The whole production including the recording, mixing, mastering and the whole design, website and videos of the record were done by Cuny and Thomas at MINDTRANSPLANT. The cd-version
was released on may 1st 2008 with the help of T.ES Records (a division of Mindtransplant) and Filled With Hate. The vinyl edition will be out later this year and it`s gonna be a REALITY RECORDS release !!

SETTLE THE SCORE will be on the road again with the new material and of course a new drummer. Devo deceided to leave STS because he and his girlfriend are expecting a baby, so he will change the sides… From now on he`ll do the homepage updates, all kinds of translations and stuff like that. Devo is replaced by Anas, a native Mönchengladbach kid with huge talent and an amazing character.
SETTLE THE SCORE is still . . . one of the most authentic, strongest, honest and powerful bands of the european HC scene!! So prepare yourself for the new record and come out to see the guys in your city !!


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