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  • Wish there were more ppl like him
  • everything after elect the dead is just.... meh
  • Serj is cool, talented, and smart, but anyone who says his solo material is better than his work in SOAD is just lying to themselves.
  • Deserving? ♥
  • Solo stuff > SOAD
  • Serj's solo stuff = poetry
  • @ZHANK0: exactly!
  • Feed Us <3 [2]
  • Why pretend that we don't know / CEOs are the disease
  • Magical voice! *___*
  • Serj is a genius, no doubt.
  • Талантливый человек, который смог покорить сердца миллионы фанатов. Я один из них. Спасибо вам за ваше творчество!
  • Feed Us <3
  • Our perfect Anatolian voice! You're perfect! I feel so lucky to live in these years, our generation has you!
  • Lie Lie Lie ♥
  • <3!
  • Уникальный человек
  • brilliant man
  • Can someone indicate me which album has most influence of armenian music?
  • My love ♥
  • Great musician.Interesting but greetings from Istanbul. We love you and other armenian pepole. Just we have problem from politic bastards.Peoples are brothers
  • Page for fans of Metal from Poland. Not only black metal, but also symphonic, thrash, and more. Enjoy! :)
  • Cartoon music video of Serj's "Distant Thing"
  • Everything about Serj Tankian
  • ORCA! <3
  • У него прекрасный голос с:
  • Jazz iz Christ is amazing.......seriously.....he blew me away. Musicallity.....he gave jazz the punch from that its needs,......jazz with some metal spirit in it....just plain awesomeness.
  • Serj Tankian is one of my favorite musicians of all time. I didn't think I'd like his solo music so much!
  • He's my favorite person in the world.
  • xD
  • Barai Aragil (Featuring Khachatour Tankian) ♥
  • Был на его симфоническом концерте в москау 27 числа,не поверите приехал прямо на мой день рождения,потрясающе!!!!!!!!
  • Amazing Show in Moscow!!! Serj's voice is awesome !
  • Show in Novosibirsk was wonderful, don't know that Serj has so clean voice.
  • Thank you for your performance in Novosibirsk! Это было восхитительно! Один из лучших голосов, которые я слышал вживую.
  • Jazz-iz Christ review:
  • Happy birthday, Serj! You are the best!
  • Happy birthday, Serj! You are fucking awesome.
  • Happy birthday, Serj.
  • Happy Birthday, Serj! :)
  • happy birthday Mr Tankian! :)
  • Happy 46th Birthday, Serj! ❤
  • Happy Birthday, genius! <3
  • Tagging Serj is quite a challenge.
  • Arrazando muito.
  • <3


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