• Mixtape Masterpiece :: A Long December

    25. Dez. 2006, 16:01 von billymuyo

    What better way to celebrate Xmas than by posting to Last.fm?

    A Long December was a Mixed CD I made the first semester at SFA. I was still in a really weird place: in denial about my sexuality, in doubt about my army career, anxed about my degree (damn you CS councilor from hell!), pissed off at my roomate (I got the last laugh on that one -- my room mates girl -- the one thing that piss me off the most -- slept with another guy -- got pregnant -- and accused him of being the father -- HA!), and about ready to drowned the rugby team. Yea, I wasn't happy.

    I still listen to this CD around Christmas time. I don't know - I think groups like Counting Crows, Better Than Ezra, and Superdrag - they're just bands you listen to when it's cold. Such as life.

    A Long December
    Constitutional Peasant
    Phaser & Come down
    Lips Like Sugar
    wine list
    Spanish Inquisistion
    Sour Girl
    How Do You?
    Never You Mind
    The Spam Song
  • Some recent obsessions...

    27. Feb. 2006, 7:54 von ZoopSoul

    Every week or every other week, I figure I'll make a few song recommendations. Nothing lengthy or overdone, just a list of three to five songs I really dig at the moment, and why I dig them.

    "The Locust Girl" by Sondre Lerche
    This one seems to be a rare Lerche song. It's not on the three discs I own, so I'm guessing it's a well-produced demo. Lerche kind of falls in a lump of other singer-songwriters, so you just assume before you download songs like this that they will feature a somber guitar melody (that he does so well) and a raspy vocal track. I was taken aback by this one, with the distorted background vocals looping over the force of the medley that's being driven into your skull--almost without consent. It's fairly aggressive for the lightly spoken Norwegian, which sets it apart from his other stuff alone, much less the trippy anthem that gives the song a sense of strength.

    It's a great feeling when a highly diverse artist can really break the boundaries…