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  • [url=http://www.last.fm/music/Scuba/+images?sort=date]New pictures...[/url]
  • Claustrophobia is a return to form; detroit techno looks good on him [2]
  • All I Think About Is Death [3]
  • Claustrophobia is a return to form; detroit techno looks good on him.
  • Claustrophobia = good sound quality, poor ideas, boring music.
  • All I Think About Is Death [2]
  • so.... the new album is pretty fucking sublime.
  • All I Think About Is Death
  • Phenix 3 is amazing, as always.
  • ...too quiet https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uLKk34NWOxg
  • GPX
    It's very quiet here
  • a ahorrar para ir a playa del carmen en enero
  • Personality is amazing
  • awesome new album....
  • .... enjoy the moment :-)
  • Awesome set at The Forum last night :)
  • i too cannot find update
  • Anyone have Update?
  • aaaaaah what, i check scuba's page randomly for the first time in a few years and the guy has 130,000 listeners! i am genuinely surprised.
  • Scuba and Taio Cruz have been in the studio together.. dunno what to think about that
  • FUCK YEAH SCUBA http://fuckyeahhotflush.tumblr.com
  • i don't see why should one stop 'whining' if he provides viable arguments for his standpoint; it's up to you to question them, rather than discourage us for having an opinion (and i'm pretty certain that 5 years from now, no one is going to regard 'personality' as a 'pure classic'). paul is atm definitely one of the top djs imo, but he needs to alter his approach to producing just a little (see below). and i'm not even asking for 'pretentious'/'intelligent' techno or whatever someone might call it; after all, scuba was 'raised' on some other grounds. for example, just take a look at locked groove's material on hotflush, which sounds relatively simple, but has been spot-on so far. although, if that [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=75gViBUMHd8]airplane track[/url] from boiler room last night is scuba's unreleased stuff (and it really sounds like him), i'm ready to take back some of the things i said earlier.
  • Guys whining about newest output stop plz.The guys is churning out pure classics.But i agree talk torque could work without the vocals.
  • vv really looking forward to some more contemplative techno as well
  • review from last night. http://www.marcusrimondini.com/2013/01/live-scuba-glenferrie-social-050113.html
  • eul
    talk torque is utter shit
  • i can't say scuba is one of the most overrated edm artist atm, because i really like him and recognize his potential (tbh, tracks aren't that bad qualitywise), but his output in 2012 is massively underwhelming in comparison to other hotflush artists, for starters. his recent music sounds borderline cheesy and seems like it's made for 'special' moments of some big techno events i. e. it almost has zero 'home listening' value, which is essential for me. that's simply because his production completely lacks thoughtfulness and it's like he's only doing it for fun. he once said that his current style is part of getting rid of those fans who keep whining about him turning his back on dubstep. i really don't know where's he going with this, but i think it would be time to stop fucking around and start making some more serious and insightful techno soon.
  • His new style is getting better and more focused big ups
  • Ugh that Hardbody track is so catchy
  • honorable mentions 2012! http://www.zolinsagt.de/2012/12/augestoen-2012.html
  • I like that he's changing up his style from album to album, but I think he does garage and dubstep better than house and techno (or at least so far). It would be cool to see him go for more of a mix between the two styles on his next album, like his awesome DJ Kicks mix.
  • i love him
  • fact mix is the shit
  • he may only do techno/house now, but he's one of the most important ukg/dubstep heads as well. his early shit was pure step
  • http://www.factmag.com/2012/10/22/fact-mix-353-scuba/
  • leave the dubstep tag behind [2] he only plays straight to the floor 4/4 techno when djing
  • Tense!
  • I'm always glad to have his songs show up in GranTurismo 5 when I'm racing.
  • techno
  • new mixtape! http://www.zolinsagt.de/2012/07/mixtape-34-aye-aye-captain-sommer.html
  • ♫Scuba
  • leave the dubstep tag behind
  • this is some good music
  • @hatredofmusic, I would say his tunes have gotten more euphoric, not cheesier.
  • so good
  • Legend.
  • Он сейчас на расстоянии вытянутой руки от меня :) екб #олени
  • you don't want an artist releasing the same album again and again, which is why personality and adrenalin are a success. the disparity between triangulation and personality is likeable, somewhat, to BoC's music has the right to children and the campfire headphase.
  • Keep coming back for more Scuba diving.


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