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  • Avatar für Eyeball057
  • Avatar für exprof
  • Avatar für tenoclockshroud
    haaaaaaaaaah. i talked to this guy for 20 minutes at one of my friends shows and had no idea who he was. funny guy. then he melted my face.
  • Avatar für chainsawgun
    Can't wait to see you at Farm Fest. Montana summers are the best!
  • Avatar für Destruction
    Damn! Just found out about him and I missed the UK tour.
  • Avatar für csssmooth
    Pretty damn amazing in Manchester last weekend
  • Avatar für sebastiano_riva
  • Avatar für bintx
    Deeefinitely needs to come the UK.
  • Avatar für FxMarciat
    Yeah! Here we go! Debut solo EP available now!!! http://www.francoisxaviermarciat.com/ Share, Like... THANX
  • Avatar für Lady_Angellyca
  • Avatar für JoshAnthonyBell
    I'm seeing Scott live tomorrow, I can't wait.
  • Avatar für FxMarciat
    Belgium Scott ! Come to BELGIUM please !!!
  • Avatar für melanthaamar
    Last night I heard Biram on outlaw radio! Badass since I've never heard him on the radio before. Come back to Okla. soon!!
  • Avatar für Svartorn
    Great show in Austin last night!
  • Avatar für hon3yrose
    can't believe I just discovered this...amazing guy!!
  • Avatar für samus11
    Blood sweat and murrrderrr!
  • Avatar für melanthaamar
    Great show tonight!! Looking forward to listening to the new shit!
  • Avatar für kolakosky
    new album rules so much, as usual! :)
  • Avatar für Bryanrecommends
    Scott H Biram Live in the Last.fm Studios http://lastfmdiscover.radio.com/artists/scott-h-biram/
  • Avatar für callmesnake
    fix the damn song names.
  • Avatar für schamash
    new album sounds extremely promising. way to go scott!
  • Avatar für genegir
    "Still Drunk, Still Crazy, Still BLUE", not Blues lol;)
  • Avatar für genegir
    Похоже в октябре выходит новый альбом. "Bad Ingredients"
  • Avatar für genegir
    Blues Religion Preacher !!!
  • Avatar für lakster72
    top dawg!
  • Avatar für weissblauemacht
  • Avatar für IgnacioProfano
  • Avatar für callmepris
  • Avatar für RecycledFlesh
    Scott Biram is the man.
  • Avatar für AugustLily
    Scott H. Biram, I salute you
  • Avatar für annadoll2001
    V "That's some stupid shit..."
  • Avatar für Son_Of_KAI-us
    i love satin!
  • Avatar für schoppenaas
    Still drunk, still crazy, still blues
  • Avatar für TheUntouchables
    i love this guys music, he definately keeps it real
  • Avatar für fnord_dc
    the local radio station (kboo.fm) played "judgement day" and boy am I ever thankful! I love this shit --- great music
  • Avatar für intheyearmmmmlv
    I luff this dude
  • Avatar für Dunceor
    Gonna be awesome when he comes to Europe again. Gonna be great to see him.
  • Avatar für annadoll2001
    New album is mint. Need to see him live again soon...
  • Avatar für Electro_Fox
    Where did the fucking good times go? Bring it up fuckers!!! I love you and all 'yer ways, fu**ers... 'Night...
  • Avatar für bjunt4prez
    Scott Biram kicks fuckin ass. I don't care what anybody thinks.
  • Avatar für elchris21
    Just saw him last night, he's a great guy and really down to earth. We'll be hearing more about this guy soon...
  • Avatar für Yob23
    i felt the same way about it. but i find like you schamash that it grows on you, and yes some of his best songwriting for sure. can't get enough of this fuckin' guy.
  • Avatar für schamash
    hey roy boy, i couldnt agree more. im not sure how i feel about it. im on my tenth or so listen and its growing.... but its wierd some of his best songs ever on this one though, sinkin down and judgement day ramble are fucking stellar.
  • Avatar für Yob23
    got the new album =D FUCK YES!
  • Avatar für red157
    Wow, Dommieblues. You're certainly not lacking confidence. Haven't seen Biram live, but if he's better than on record, it must be a treat.
  • Avatar für napf
    sounds very nice :)
  • Avatar für Dommieblues
    Saw you live in brudenell social club leeds the other week you sound a lot better live than on record, something just isnt transferred. Come record with me and Ill sort it out.
  • Avatar für jessig
    I saw him play on saturday night in Leytonstone London at What's Cookin'? he was incredible. ONE MAN
  • Avatar für ayperialjawahir
    This dirty old one man band needs to come back by my neck of the woods... I saw him with Bob Log, too, and boy howdy! What a show!!
  • Avatar für banksh0t
    I saw him play with Bob Log a few months back... it was awesome!


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