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Scorn wurde 1991 von Mick Harris gegründet um ein Plattform für seine Experimente im Bereich rhythmischer, hypnotischer Beats zu bieten.
Nik Bullen verließ Scorn nach dem Album "Evanescence" 1994.

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  • "Mick Harris no longer making music is the 2nd worst thing to happen in the 21st Century." he is fishing...
  • Mick Harris/Genius. For me he's one of the influential music-makers and first of all the creator of album Evanescence ;-P
  • Mick Harris no longer making music is the 2nd worst thing to happen in the 21st Century. x [2]
  • Mənə, magistr üçün
  • Among the living, have to live among them, shadows drifting by, as cruel as death.
  • Among the living, shadows of murder, have to live among them, as cruel as death.
  • Among the living, rooms break like glass, revealing eye, as cruel as death.
  • Thanks for translation Nochek!
  • Here are excerpts from an interview with Harris for Russian-language website. Unfortunately the original only on Russian language and this is my attempt to translate only a few quotes from it. "My music has nothing related with dubstep! And It never had!.. Dubstep - it's absolutely another music, much more pragmatic, composed for the dance floor, it has become a global contagion now, unfortunately. I don't want to say that I against it, of course... It is indifferent to me. It's too neat music, it doesn't try to go beyond it own schemes. Scorn was never invited to dubstep parties - it is too dirty, belligerent, nasty, conflict thing for them. Dubstep are enslaved and so much focused on the same sounds... Leave me alone with this dubstep. If someone think that Scorn - is dubstep, let him. But I'll tell you: no. This is not dubstep!"

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