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Death for My Birthday (4:09)


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  • the instrumental is great, the vocal melody is great, but the lyrics are pretty lame
  • i want death for my birthday too :D
  • 30s
    I love life, but life has a boyfriend... <3
  • Definitely my favorite track on this album, along with Mara and Me.
  • <3 this song. Amazing song from amazing album.
  • 'Don't get me wrong cause, I love life but life but life has a boyfriend' ahhh I love this!
  • My dust, will be your blood, will hydrate you all...
  • Tied for best song on this album with Eloise.
  • Absolutely amazing, outstanding, extraordinary and brilliant song!
  • the best lyrics he has ever written in the verses but maybe the worst chorus ever
  • I love life, but life has a boyfriend... I CAN RELATE.
  • this song is ruthless.
  • Both versions of this song are phenomenal, and the lyrics are some of the best that Max has ever written. Fantastic track!
  • This is so good.
  • this song speaks to me
  • Ah...I love this song.
  • Don't get me wrong, 'cause I love life, but life has a boyfriend.
  • i'll never loose another friend again.
  • One of the most powerful songs Max has ever written. Probably is my favorite off the new album.
  • I like the acoustic version of this more I think.
  • Definitely one of my favorites off the new album.
  • Praying each night to his cross of a charm For the one thing he couldn't afford Just to buy the farm.
  • welcome. theres like a whole article on the ap website where he explains the entire album,
  • thank you widenyoureyes
  • it was so long i had to post it in two parts.
  • "This song is another example of something I find inherently wrong with society and it comes from a different place. I'm a pretty spiritual and religious guy--not traditionally religious by any means--but very cerebral. One of the things that is promoted in spiritually is this understanding of death being a kind of gate to another world and that life isn't the only thing that exists in the life of your soul. Life on earth is only one part of it, but I think there are people who become obsessed with that notion. I've even been guilty of that at certain moments, but I'm a pretty live-in-the-moment kind of guy. Some people forget that life is important and their fascination with death or the idea that it will take you to a perfect place keeps them from living their life as if it's their only life
  • This song is about someone who drifts through this middle-of-the-road life and never really feels emotions strongly or is thankful for what they have because they're so focused on the notion that they will eventually die. They believe this life doesn't matter because it's all temporary, and I completely disagree with that. I believe in the afterlife and that earth is only one perception that we will be experiencing for a certain amount of time, and that there's more to it than that. I think that you have to love it for what it is and treat it as the most important thing in the world." -Maxim
  • Might be my fav off the new album.
  • I'm trying to figure out what metaphor Max is trying to convey here.
  • saddest ending of a song ever
  • Not sure how I feel about this one.

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