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  • Cool. Now I have two Blind Guardians: the orchestral, experimental one, and the true, speedy one. Although the orchestral one is awesomeness incarnate.
  • + Evil Eyes +
  • so good
  • pozdrowienia ze Śląska dla fanów Savage Circus
  • dreamland manor is epic [2]
  • dreamland manor is epic :D
  • this is what BG should sound today. great band
  • [ballad of susan] nice. ( ^ω^)( ^ω^)
  • Can't wait for the new album, hope they manage to release it this year.
  • i like this better than BG... sorry i just do
  • Who'll write the songs now that Sielck's out of the band? Will they be any good? (Good thing that Thomen's back in, though, provided they will still get a great BG-influenced record out.)
  • Did they learn to play in Blind Guardian Academy?
  • v holy fuck thats awesome! must have that new album
  • [url=]Thomen Stauch rejoined Savage Circus![/url]
  • When Hell Awaits - zajebisty kawałek!
  • For your daily BG fill, this band is the best after the original one :)
  • Thomen is a drumming god. [2]
  • "they are more "blind guardian" than the current blind guardian." Blind Guardian will always "be" whatever it is they are producing,
  • Great band! I hope Thomas will be fine soon....
  • Imaginations from the Other Side and Tales from the Twilight World have always been my fav. Blind Guardian albums, Savage Circus is just perfect for me, great songs, keep it up!
  • I want to thank all my new friends for making me feel welcomed here on last fm!!!
  • The singer is very similar to Hansi! Thomas is great! \m/
  • A copy of Blind Guardian, but it's hard not to admit that they're good. (:
  • I'm so glad I finally checked them out, this is WAY better than the last BG albums :)
  • Nah, there are really the most Tales from the Twilight World references in Dreamland Manor. But I don't care what they're ripping, it's still a freaking awesome album. :)
  • somewhere far beyond+imaginations+Nightfall in middle earth = Dreamland manor, not as good as those 3 ofcourse but still awesome
  • This is awesüme <3
  • they are more "blind guardian" than the current blind guardian.
  • This band is awesome. Some of the best metal I've ever heard.
  • I find it funny how the Blind Guardian member left the band and they sound just as much like Guardian without him!
  • @Darmer_91 he is trying very hard to emulate the style though!
  • is not the same vocals, idiots
  • Savage Cirucs (Blind Guardian Cover) - but at least very good cover.
  • @MusicMagic7 pretty unique band!
  • +++++++++++++++
  • Thomen is a drumming god
  • Dreamland Manor is jsut great.
  • Savage Circus= Somewhere Far Beyond/Imaginations From the Other Side tribute band!
  • love them more than recent BG's releases ._.
  • Is the same vocal of Blind Guardian???
  • come and join :) then enjoy, explore, and feel the power and progress :) ------
  • Yeah probably.
  • is a very good band but right now I have a terrible pain in my head I can hear them without being bothered by the noise , I think I'm sick
  • The best Side of "Guardian". It rocks.
  • The bonus cover of Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood is some hilarious shit, I must say (y)
  • The awesomeness of The Ordeal cannot be expressed in words.
  • The new album sounds awesome. Obviously similar to BG and also Demons and Wizards (especially since both SC and D&W even use the Dark Tower theme!) but I'm definitely not one to complain!
  • between the devil and the seas sounds pretty good... i only miss hanis voice :>
  • I thought this was Blind Guardian when I heard it. I did a double-take when I saw "Savage Circus". Then to find out Hansi isn't even involved... I'm still in disbelief. Not bad, though! I'm really liking it! One more discovery (thanks to to add to my list of good metal bands.
  • so long as we are going to be like Blind Guardian.. how about an album called Sunrise on Arrakis? [2]


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