• Morality vs Music

    20. Apr. 2010, 23:00 von x1Ricky1x

    My search for Black Metal has led me to the inevitable choice. The choice to choose between getting some awesome music or forgetting it. Satanic Warmaster, with Satanic Tyrant Werewolf's beliefs and messages happens to often touch on satanism, neo-nazi views and other subjects that are considered terrible. However, the musical ability here is staggering, and there are some fantastic riffs.

    So thus I come to this crossroads, and my views are as follows: As long as the specific song does not touch on a subject I am thoroughly hateful to, I don't mind. Everyone has their own views, and to limit yourself because of such things can be a bad idea.

    What brought up the creation of this entry was the song My Dreams of 8. This song, also known as 'My Dreams of Hitler' is about views on wanting to follow Hitler's footsteps and build an empire, for supremacy. In the end, I came to the decision to download the song (free download) because in all honesty…