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  • Love the Zelda II vibe around :40
  • Forgot how good this track is....
  • She has such a magnificent voice......
  • beautiful.
  • Her voice always touches my heart, no matter how often I´ve heard this song already.
  • Not gonna front: I love this song.
  • Lovely...
  • powerful
  • Thanks Larissa :-)
  • She is magical
  • What a beautiful voice
  • wow
  • Beautiful.
  • beautiful
  • Cause we are born innocent. Believe me Adia, we are still innocent. It's easy, we all falter. Does it matter?
  • This song reminds of the documentary I watched on serial killer Aileen Wuornos - the lady that the movie 'Monster' is based on ... #randomthought
  • Adia - that´s O.K.!!
  • Great song.
  • The song allegedly reflected the apology to her best friend for becoming involved with, and later marrying, her friend's ex-boyfriend
  • great
  • All are innocent at birth........... but then each one of us gradually loses innocence......
  • Ohwow, such a throwback song. I never knew she was saying Adia either. Well, it only took me 13 years to find out... :| Love it!(:
  • NICE!!!!!!!
  • Aha I was right it was Avril singing this version.
  • love her
  • One of the best songs ever!
  • great song~
  • This is no way the Surfacing album track. Maybe live edition or special edition but not the studio album track. Timing's all different.
  • OMG, there is an Avril cover?! And she performed with Sarah!? I think I'm going to be sick....
  • beautiful
  • My gosh she's just the best singer
  • What a sexy song!
  • Sometimes I just listen to this song on repeat. I love it so much. <3
  • Just Lovely
  • My favorite song from the 90's! I remember listening to this song forever when I was in high school. I was always curious about who "Adia" was and what this song was about... finally found out today from the wonder of google! Wow!
  • I can't believe someone actually said, "Avril Lavigne's version is so good."
  • This song is Timeless, a classic..... Forever
  • beautiful music sounds almost like the Cranberries. Beautiful
  • Sarah has the singing voice of the Virgin Mary, I swear. this is so gorgeous. <3
  • Love her like ice cream ...
  • This song makes me feel light-headed....love love love Sarah's voice here...
  • :-)
  • Lovely !!!!
  • Love the sound of her voice in this song.
  • Beautiful song!
  • It's like she's making love to your ears. It was really good for me. She's such a treasure and a unique talent.
  • Goddess.
  • pretty


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