• Underage 09

    3. Aug. 2009, 0:46 von sianii

    Sun 2 Aug – Underage Festival 2009

    As a past underager i thought that this years underage would really have to pull out something special to top last years. However this was done and it was amazing in so many ways.

    So my day began with getting up at 6am, drinking an insane amount of coffee and travelling on a heck load of trains but as soon as i got there i could immideatly feel the positve atmosphere. So once i was in i went to see what was around aswell as discovering some new bands. What seemed to start off as slow day soon all kicked off when Hadouken began with their set, playing both the old favorites and new songs. Everyone started going crazy from that point, the best part though was when That Boy That Girl began to play and the whole crowd just went into even more uproar of singing and moshing about. Soon after that i felt that underage had kicked off and was constantly running about trying to catch every band.