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  • supermoon is perfect. i love it so much, it's helping me fix my broken heart.
  • NewAlbum 2015 [] #Download <3
  • "New album is kinda lacklustre because once you hear Fire-Scene the rest of the songs are useless" SHIT NO. "Aplenglow" Yes. [3]
  • eau claire. segura
  • "Aplenglow" Yes. [2]
  • Seriously? I do like Fire-Scene, but it's not my favourite. Glass/Film, Creaking, Alpenglow, Fleeting Light, The Dome, Neverending Fountain are all amazing.
  • "Aplenglow" Yes.
  • New album is kinda lacklustre because once you hear Fire-Scene the rest of the songs are useless [2]
  • por fin!
  • Scarey [2]
  • Range of Light is absolutely incredible and it's almost overwhelming how beautiful it is. Listen to it in headphones with the lights off for the best experience.
  • Alpenglow is my first favorite. Melancholy af
  • the new album is fantastic [2]
  • the new album is fantastic. fell in love with The Dome at first listen.
  • new album is really amazing
  • woww
  • brand new song:
  • this is so great
  • ily
  • Hoyas differs so much from All We Grow, but I love it regardless
  • can't stop listening... one of my favourite albums <3
  • * - *
  • Dosva is 100% correct.
  • I find it interesting that people tend to get so upset when an artist changes their sound significantly. Though it isn't the same as the album that made you fall in love with his music, doesn't mean that it's a wrong direction. I really think people should try to enjoy new directions of artist more openly, enjoy it for what it is, not based on how it scales to early albums of a completely different style... Maybe that's just me.
  • Recently heard him and already hooked!
  • Beautiful stuff!
  • Beatiful music :)
  • Scarey
  • Listen together with others to new indie folk and indie pop artists and tunes in the "New Indie Folk" Soundrop room on Spotify -
  • Hoyas is excellent! It sounds completely different than All We Grow, of course, because he's trying to achieve a new sound and a whole new dimension with using electronic instruments what he really proved within this project. Give it a try, folks.
  • Completely agree with you goncalomira...
  • This is my favorite artist ever! I'm so curious to hear more of your musical thinking in another album. Please!
  • the session with Bon iver in 4AD is so cool!
  • From Astronautalis' FB: "started a new band this week with my friends Arson Only, S. Carey, and Bon Iver...already finished tracking for the album. so excited about this." !!!
  • free download:)
  • Lovely !
  • S. Carey will return on May 8th with a new solo EP entitled Hoyas !
  • So beautiful [2]
  • In The Dirt is like sound-orgasm.
  • Thank you S.
  • 3x yes!
  • you're amazing
  • Need moar!
  • "whoa i thought s. carey and bon iver were the same person for the longest time. dont really care for either of them" Haha fool!
  • Just amazing :)
  • amazing stuff!
  • Damn, whatttt? I'm late. Didn't know he had a solo album. Always loved his background vocal for Bon Iver.
  • love


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