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  • Free Alt Country, Singer Songwriter
  • Oh... how I miss these guys together.
  • I've seen Ryan with the flu and (almost) alone on piano and it was one of the best concerts I've seen, ever! Oh yeah, the Cardinals are great; but: ryan with the cardinals < ryan solo. Cause Ryans's the Ryan ;-)
  • ryan with the cardinals > ryan solo [3]
  • ryan with the cardinals > ryan solo. [2]
  • oh gosh. i a d o r e them.
  • Underrated!
  • Watch Ryan Adams perform "Lucky Now" live on Conan last night
  • video for ryan's new single lucky now:
  • "Why aren't there more Cardinals songs being played on" I'm assuming because people can be moronic and lazy about tagging and tag everything as Ryan Adams (solo).
  • Hello, we're [artist]Wicked Willy[/artist], and we invite you to hear the "dark side" of singer-songwriter music! Please give a listen to our new album at: -Thanks so much for your support & let us know what you think of the songs! [track artist=Wicked Willy]Tied[/track]
  • I'm finding III/IV to be a verrry pleasant surprise. Lot of solid songs on it. Tonnes of energy.
  • such an epic rock band
  • Ryan Adams solo = Ryan Adams with the Cardinals. :p
  • ryan with the cardinals > ryan solo.
  • III/IV is very listenable for a double album. Not really any major weak points. Surprisingly decent. Love the Smiths and Replacements feel throughout
  • enjoying this album. Nice and complex.
  • Well it was just released for the Record Store Day.
  • I just downloaded Class Mythology ep. I had no idea this existed. Anyone else have it? I'm listening now and so far the first track is classic ryan.
  • Why aren't there more Cardinals songs being played on
  • I wouldn't say that. At all. That's crazy talk, sir. Cardinology and Easy Tiger are really great albums. I'm not convinced yet that it's quite as good. It is good, don't get me wrong. To say it surpasses those two albums easily is a bit of a stretch. Just my opinion.
  • III/IV is such a nice surprise, surpassing Cardinology and Easy Tiger easily.
  • "lll/lV" had to grow on me. It's the best, really.
  • First four tracks on III/IV=perfect melancholy. Really, really beautiful.
  • Amazing album, way better than i was expecting since it was laying around so long. Personally my fav
  • USERS!!!
  • Ehhh, Star Wars is okay. Just like the actual Star Wars.
  • star wars is such a great tune!
  • III/IV is brilliant, not one bad song on both discs.
  • second disc is better. all in all, nice album
  • i'm sorry but III/IV to me just shows that even ryan adams unreleased songs are brilliant and better than some of the stuff other artists are releasing. love this disc.
  • I disagree completely, progjunky.
  • after listening to it all week i feel, like most of his unreleased albums, it's got a lot of pretty good songs, but lacks any great ones.
  • III/IV sound pretty good.
  • I really like III/IV
  • @pluginbb - I got the mp3 version of emusic. But I think you can get it on CD too now..
  • "Orion was likely just an aberration from an artist known for being enigmatic from time to time. But III/IV more than makes up for it. Uneven as it may be when divided into two separate parts, as a whole it stands as a solid piece worth hearing, especially for fans of Adams’ other work."
  • where did you guys get the album? :/ or are you all just listening to the live thing?
  • True III/IV is not old Cardinals, but I really like that about it. It is so unexpected. Cardinology to me is a very depressive album-I like that about it. The new LP is the complete opposite. Fave tracks thus far: Happy Birthday Kisses Start Wars No Numbers Kill the Lights
  • I have "Destroyers" track. It was tagged as 22nd track of "III/IV". When I listened to it I thought that "III/IV" would be like "Cold Roses". Gonna find "Darkness"!
  • Pooydatigru, do you have the "Darkness" track that Ryan sent out via the Pax Am mailing list a week or so ago? It's possibly the best of his post 2005 output and is almost certainly more in line with "what you're looking for".
  • Aiiigght
  • one continuous album. Foobar, my friend. ; )
  • Are you guys putting III/IV as one album in your iTunes/whatever or as two separate discs? Trying to figure out what I want to do.
  • "Orion" was titled as Ryan Adams' album, but sounded like his experimental side-project. "III/IV" was titled as RA&TC's album, but sounded like Ryan Adams without Cardinals. So I wait for Cardinalsque stuff under the name "Satanic Space Invaders" or something like that..
  • I'm not to sure what to think about III/IV yet...
  • heartbreaking ballads
  • tell us, what have you been waiting for!?
  • It rules, but it's not waht I've been waiting for)))


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