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  • Lament of the Highborne is amazing!
  • Shards of the Exodar
  • Epic soundtrack is epic.
  • The Burning Crusade is...Amazing...The Best expansion of WoW.
  • Kolo-vorot: open your eyes! Composers make a composition. Musicians are artists. To be honest, you should type "Pedro Eustache, John Bergamo, Edo Guidotti, etc.", but you can name them all as Blizzard employees == Blizzard Entertainment. If I create a composition and you will play it (i.e. cover), then you will be an artist and I will be a composer. But you will have rights to sell it on your CD as your track (composed by me).
  • Origins.
  • Why it isn't in this album the track you hear in-game at Terokkar Forest??? I love that track.
  • I may hate World of Warcraft but god-damn, the music is GENIUS!
  • Hellfire and Netherstorm are the best tracks [2] yea!!! but i like another Hellfire song (in game) even more than this one.
  • Hellfire and Netherstorm are the best tracks
  • Yup, World Of Warcraft soundtracks are very, very epic! I bow to the people who created them!
  • E-P-I-C :) i very love wow soundtracks :D
  • хороший вопрос))
  • я давно искала подобную музыку.и наконец-то нашла!
  • Perfect!
  • GIEF EP0X PL0X! >_>
  • Listening to this makes that I wanna play WoW again. :( [2] TBC OST has some really really great songs on it. And when I say some, I mean, goddamn.
  • bens0n, yes, this is the only correct artist tag.
  • "This is the only correct artist tag." lol?
  • it reminds WoW ! man i want to play again because of this great music ;|
  • i wanna listen to this but im really afraid it reminds me of wow.... :(
  • sam raimi might direct the movie! :D for those of you who don't know or have never heard of sam raimi, please do the world of favor and die, you worthless vile pieces of inane filth
  • Listening to this makes that I wanna play WoW again. :(
  • OH... What a random xD... Add , of course xD
  • The Dark Portal (Cinematic Intro) is by Neal Acree though ;)
  • Masterpiece
  • Join the group that support Dark fantasy and most of all in the form of music. Get special offers, inside information, give suggestion, tell us about your band, recomend books and music. Waerloga Records run this group and is in constant need of getting good ideas and feed back.
  • Awesome!
  • one of the best soundtracks ever! <3
  • Anar'alah Belore!
  • The Burning Crusade OST is BRILLIANT. The Burning Legion is by far my fav.
  • Listening to it gives me chills, and makes me want to end my game hiatus.
  • I reckon, it's a shame that the main menu theme isn't longer, although there's pieces of it around the album, i could listen to it all damn day long :)
  • the main theme is a genial variation from the original song by jason hayes for wow first soundtrack. Those people are just genious.
  • omg epic soundtrack <3 ;)
  • one of the best, if not the best blizzard soundtrack.
  • The Burning Crusade Soundtrack is amazing! I think it's the best Blizzard soundtrack ever.
  • these three musical genius are together for the world of warcraft's incredible expansion the burning crusade soundtrack. awesome music... by the way matt uelmen was already very famous for diablo soundtracks.

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