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    I was a part of the Norwegian high school graduation tradition, Russefeiring, where people drink for 3 weeks while wearing red or blue overalls, do crazy dares and spend 10 000s of dollars on buses:
    This is a really crazy tradition few people outside of Norway really know about, so I thought I'd enlighten you all.

    A couple of weeks before our final exams (yes, BEFORE our exams) we have a three week long party. A lot of people save up money and plan for this for years.

    So, everyone wears red or blue overalls and most people decorate them. And you get all your friends drunken signatures on them. And you have to wear em EVERY day for three weeks and you're not allowed to wash them.

    Now comes the fun part. You also have a funny hat with a thread on it. And every year there's made up a list of dares, and if you complete a dare, you get a knot or some kind of symbol on your thread. The dares are pretty wild. …
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