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  • Oh I cannot wait for the next album!! ♥
  • Thank you Strummer88!
  • I don't know if everyone has already seen this but here is part of the email that i received from KJG:s mailing list "and some RUBY THROAT news: its been a while... so here we are, somewhere in nowhere, turning our little wheel of intention, the glass on the compass has cracked, you can find me in the hinges of creaking doors...meanwhile RUBY THROAT pick up their broken shells; and ask the wind to quiet down, 4th album 'BABY DARLING TAPORO' soon come, we can hear a thread of music in our hair..." So heads up everyone!
  • Secret fires-
  • Gorgeous new track from RT. 'Secret Fires' on The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project: Axels & Sockets. x
  • love you
  • "Try-hardy"? Do you mean, as in she's trying hard to be a musician? This chick's been around since before you were born, and that's the way her voice is naturally— listen to her speak in an interview.
  • I wanted to love this but this strikes me as very tryhard-y. This is the kind of voice people use when they talk to babies and you can hear her mouth smacking in many of the tracks. I tried but good lord. Kinda wish I'd looked up a song or two before grabbing her entire discography and turned out hating it, but that's my own fault.
  • I'm also selling a numbered limited edition cd package of 'Out of a Black Cloud Came a Bird'. it comes with some really pretty artwork by katie jane herself. (sorry for the spam) :)
  • with regret I am having to sell my signed & numbered limited edition LP of 'The Ventriloquist'. if anyone is interested, you can find it on ebay here:

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