• Attempt to Like Metal, pt. 2

    24. Mär. 2012, 19:29 von TheMusicalVito

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    1. Mayhem - Psychic Horns - 3/10. What a stunningly bad song. It sounds like he's literally trying to sound as silly as he humanly can, while additionally letting the bells and whistles of the instrumentation make him out to be some insane railway worker. This is not a train I am happy to be on. A line or two ir lyrically interesting. Fairly bad.

    2. Rhapsody - Old Age of Wonders - 5/10. That minstrel feeling is all over this one, in a ballad of sorts about elves and jesters. Am I two years old? When the drums kick in for a chorus, the melody gets bouncy and somewhat enjoyable. If the entirety of the song was like that, I'd oblige to calling it decent. I guess I could wander around Skyrim to this.

    3. Forgotten Tomb - Springtime Depression - 7/10. Last I checked, this was one of those black metal bands that made my heart flutter with how good they are, and though I got the only instrumental of the record here, I find myself loving the melancholia in it. …