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For Your Pleasure
Roxy Music

For Your Pleasure



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  • @KingFahtah You have the taste of a 9th grade schoolgirl.
  • rating 8.5/10
  • nothing special on this album.. do the strand was alright though.
  • Except prog is for boring old men with beards.
  • Wait a sec... you mean different people can have different opinions about the same band? Get outta here! In all seriousness, a lot of people like the first two albums more than the rest because they're a little artier, have some progressive elements and of course, feature Eno. I like pretty much all of Roxy Music's albums but I do prefer the first two because of that adventurousness and innovation that was mostly jettisoned in favor of more straightforward glam rock on the remaining records. But like I said, it's all a matter of personal preference. Whatever order they put the albums in, most people who know and like Roxy Music consider them to be pretty consistently good/great.
  • A lot of people say this is their best, thyey must be King Crimson fans or some nonsense. I'd say it's easily their 7th or 8th best
  • Not to the amazing level of the debut... But is flawless.
  • hey guys! who help, please. need to find roxy music's "when you were young"!!? fell in love with it and don't seem to be able find it on any of their albums. where? why? aaahhhh... need your help, PLEASE.
  • i loooooooooove this album
  • The greatest album of all time.

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