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Egoist Hedonist (8:58)


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  • una canzone carina
  • Perfection
  • So powerful!
  • Badass song, Love this track.
  • Great Song and Album!!
  • Love this entire album
  • LOL @ granodepus. I am pretty sure it's "...without your pain" Not "....without Japan" :D
  • Love the woodwinds
  • @granodepus - not sure if serious or just trolling. He doesn't say that, obviously!
  • Awesome track. Kind of racist when he says "just let me live without Japan" but still ok.
  • the bassline <3
  • Great
  • Great song....:)
  • My favorite <3
  • Last few min are the best, good track.
  • Correct name should be: Egoist Hedonist: I. Different? - II. Hedonist Party - III. Straw Man Dance check its page
  • love it :)
  • >mfw sax.
  • Love it. Especially last 3 minutes, simply amazing.
  • Love this tune...feel it with my whole being! <3
  • I was going to type unbelievable as well, but PatrickSaad seems to have got there before me.
  • This is so inspirational, love your tunes!
  • Holy mother of awesomness.
  • Fucking Unbelievable.
  • I saw the sadness in your eyes
  • WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! ^.^
  • This song makes me want to DANCE! So awesome!
  • "In pursuit of uniqueness and individuality, we must be unlike anyone else to survive. But in the mass of different runners, different lies. We can't make time to realize how the same we are."
  • I like the ska-sounding shit in the middle. Great song. [2]
  • Last 3 minutes!!! = amazing, awesome....
  • This song somehow makes me think of Mr. Bungle. Which is awesome.
  • excellent
  • Nice liberating shit.
  • Pretty good. Never heard of these guys. Singer reminds me of Opeth's clean vocals.
  • Incredible stuff - utilising a hell of a lot of influences from all over stretching way back to the prog rock of yore. Incredible bass, guitar, jazzyness, vocals and lyrics - 8:57 of prog heaven!
  • just amazing!
  • great bassline...
  • amazing track. ;))
  • I love it!
  • In pursuit of uniqueness And individuality We must be unlike anyone else To survive But in the mass of different runners Different lies We can't make time to realize How the same we are
  • I was not joking, nor was I being sarcastic. Mark my words, I love this song a lot.. Might even be my favorite Riverside track ;) But I just figured that they were similar in melody and style. Nothing else :) Not an attack on anyone.
  • Now, this is epic.
  • Awesome song, I like evry part of it. Sadly I can't escape from feeling that 8:25 to 8:53 part is so similar to "Ghost of perdition" by Opeth, and yes there is something similar to "Closure" too :( Too bad, I have the same feeling evry time i listen to 'egoist'. Checked few times this 3 songs and sadly i was right. But beside that "Egoist Hedonist" is awesome, almost perfect and of my fav Riverside songs. The part from 5:50-8:53 is also inspired (was in interview) and refers to "Wedding" book by Wyspiański and film by A. Wajda, specialy to "Chochol Dance" - chochol = human-like pile of cutted cereal. Chochol dance was symbol of nation in stagnation, imprisoned and sedated.
  • This song put's the BASS back in bass!
  • Best in ADHD, in addition whole album is perfect...
  • My favorite track from ADHD, jesus baby-juggling christ this is dynamite.
  • Ending = Closure
  • This is so fucking awesome...
  • brass section is great, but I like the harp part (or harp soundalike) much more


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