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Rites of Spring

Deeper Than Inside (2:17)


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  • the world is my fuse
  • "i know this is true "emo", but i don't like it." Makes sense lol, just stick to mcr.
  • zzzzz
  • emo-core at its best
  • I love Rites of Spring.
  • Strange vocals. Interesting, though.
  • Very cool!
  • great song though. they just have a lot more goods ones than this! somebody get on it and put somemore on here!!!
  • is this like the only Rites of Spring song on here?
  • reminds me of 7th grade old school punk love it
  • life!
  • And you wonder just close, closer can be?
  • Mike Fellows did some interesting work after this band.
  • ians gäng
  • deeper than inside. that must be deep!
  • reminds me of black flag too i <3 them :)
  • the real shit
  • two different things emotive and emo. It has probably never occured to the kids these days that emo is not a word but an abbreviation of a word. and if asked i reckon maybe one out of ten would know the word emotive let alone realize that the original emo was short for it.
  • The beginning of what has become.
  • this is IT
  • cool emo
  • they need to add more Rites of Spring songs to this site. i've heard this one a couple of times already. some other songs would be welcomed...
  • Emotive Hardcore
  • "emotional hardcore"
  • if only emo was this cool again
  • one of my favorite albums ever, definitely
  • if emo could still sound like this the world would heal itself
  • its ok
  • man, although i'm not that old and i hate to "reminisce" about times that have passed, i can remember when "emo" was only used within hardcore/punk, etc. circles. Rites of Spring rules, on with the Revolution Summer!
  • One of the best bands ever.... 'nuff said.
  • nice
  • If I could only listen to one band for the rest of my life, it would be these guys. "Emo"? Possibly, as full on sobbing on the part of the band and audience was reported at shows. "Hardcore'? You bet your ass.
  • jeez why does everyone shout emo at everything....i don't hear emo in this track!!
  • i know this is true "emo", but i don't like it.
  • эх.хорошаааа!
  • The first, the best and the only "emo" band worth a rat's ass, years ahead of it's time. A classic album.
  • classic
  • Right on, first half of Umbra02. Second half: much of what they call "emo" and "screamo" (most annoying genre term ever) today is plain CRAP. Listen to "Screamo Gotta Go" by [artist]International Superheroes of Hardcore[/artist] (joke band, if you can't tell).
  • ROS makes me wish i wasn't 3 years old back in 87!
  • Listen up kids. This is what we called "Emo" back in 1987. Back then it was strange not to just call them punk. All the s#!t you kids are calling emo, and screamo is just punk. stop lableing everything and just enjoy it.
  • the voice of fugazi! awesome! i wasn't hip to this band until now and i recognize the voice.
  • guy picciotto ♥ dischord ♥
  • deeper than inside <333.
  • Man, Guy Picciotto is statistically 89% more likely to make a song awesome than most vocalists.
  • Why were the Rites of Spring a highly important hardcore punk band? Just need 2 know.
  • these guys totally ripped off MCR wth
  • this album is worth finding and getting... this song and for want of are just ear bleeding badassery...
  • boooo to your chemical romance


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