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Although the cover of "Restore The Balance" is strongly reminiscent of the album "ObZen", RISE TO FALL from Spain has nothing to do with the crazy band from Umea. Musically, the five-piece band based in the Swedish Melodic Death Metal and rips off her debut with the genre conventions like old pros.

"Redrum" opens the album with a short follow keyboard sample on the heavy guitar chords. The melodic riffs, grooving to the rhythm and the clean vocals in the… mehr erfahren



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  • Lack of proper promotion. Like with all other great bands that don't go big.
  • Why is this band so underrated?
  • I was always surprised that these guys and Dark Age never got popular
  • I would rate Cold Inferno a 6/10 while End Vs. Beginning gets a full 9. I only have small complaints here and there; the choruses in the title track, Murk Empire, Dark Clowns and Sustention aren't as strong as I would have wanted them to be but I never skip a track nonetheless.
  • I agee 100%! They gave Disarmonia Mundi a run for their money, something I never thought could have happened. Special mention for Burning Signs, my jam of the year so far.
  • Great!
  • love ... the refuge
  • @adamagedone: I dunno, maybe it's just my ADD, but to me, 15 tracks is too much. What I think they should've done is chop off five songs and then released 1 or two as bonus tracks for a japanese release (if there is going to be one) and put the rest on an EP and release that a year or so later. But yeah, I dig Alain. Particularly his cleans, though his harsh vocals are really good, though. I have a feeling that all harsh vocalists who get signed to Coroner get the opportunity to take vocal lessons from Claudio. Alain's harsh vocals have gotten significantly more Claudio-esque since their debut (which is a good thing, imo) and the same goes for Ryo of Blood Stain Child, who was honestly a somewhat atrocious vocalist prior...

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