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  • French Canadian Skate Punk
  • reset > simple plan [4]
  • perfect for skateboarding
  • reset > simple plan [3]
  • reset > simple plan [2]
  • Simple Plan talk about their song 'This Song Saved My Life', which was created with help from their fans. Also hear about what plans they have for the future and what they wish to achieve.
  • Why best song
  • Punkerman_00 they have a simple plan
  • what the fuck are doing Simple Plan in the similar artists???
  • i just like the Schranz Reset >_>
  • reset > simple plan
  • I think they're both amazing but simpleplan is much better !
  • @legollas27 you mad? Simple Plan is actually SHIT. A shame that Reset is a so underrated band. Their last album No Intensity is real melodic hxc and a must have for all the genre fans.
  • Pollution *o*
  • =p
  • Hummmm Granolas....
  • Me encanta (:
  • they compare simple plan and reset >.< god kill me simple plan is awesom ^^
  • melodic hardcore !
  • essa porra é punk ow é emo?!
  • Reset is fucking awesome !! *-*
  • i don't care what people said about Simple Plan, i'm always respect both of Simple Plan and Reset music
  • omg. who cares? both of them are fuckin' awesome.
  • Simple Plan and Reset are two totally different bands. Aside from having 3 former members - they shouldn't be compared.
  • Simple Plan is not emo. Dear god.
  • Reset is definitelyy muuch better that Simple Plan
  • Simpla Plan is not better for Reset *-* || reset is the Best
  • I agree that Simple Plan is better.
  • 24 plays in my library
  • I like Reset, but I must that Simple Plan is way better :)
  • Y love reset <3 no intensity ♥♥♥ the BEST
  • much rather listen to simple plan
  • simple plan is definitelyy muuch better :]
  • No intensity is the best 2008 album by far
  • Just listen to their new album "No Intensity" ... it's awesome! Didn't hear such a good punk album in a long time! I heard ca. only one song of Simple Plan because i think they're too much pop and exchangeable, too! Thanks to god that musical taste is different ...
  • Reset seriously rox but I think Simple Plan are a hell of a lot better
  • i like the eurodance act more.
  • This isn't Simple Plan, this a band they had BEFORE Simple Plan. good shit.
  • this isnt even them!!! look up "NO INTENSITY" and then watch your face melt.
  • i like SP, it's my favourite group, but i think their older albums are better than the new one. i just like their old style..... but - thanx very much:)
  • actually they are for the big part simple plan :P
  • Yeah. These songs are OK ;D But Simple Plan is better than Reset :)
  • NO!simple plan is the best !
  • I love it!! before and after are great!!!^^
  • New reset eh? gonna have to grab it, i hope it's nothing like simple plan. CAUSE I'M A MAN! lala
  • Yeah, this album is pretty good.
  • boothanew; well i'm glad they made simple plan. I think that they wouldn't be known this good if it wasn't for Simple plan.
  • sadly, better than simple plan =/ especially better than their last album.
  • Just discovered the Candian Reset, and quite frankkly, they rock. Pure and simple. If Ignite, Pennywise and No Use For A Name had an illegitmate love-child, Reset would be the result.
  • Cause i'm a man! lalala. Reset were fun (the canadian punk band).


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