• Behold the sheer FRENCH BEAUTY of it all!

    15. Sep. 2008, 3:05 von Epitymbidia

    "I like Frenchmen very much,
    because even when they insult you
    they do it so nicely."
    (Josephine Baker)

    I think it's no secret that I love France, that I would kill to live in Paris, that I adore the French language (although unfortunately I don't speak it too fluent because I'm too lazy) - and that I have a - for me - quite untypical crush on so many French artists. I wouldn't call it "obsession", but maybe it's nearly something like that, who knows. So as I listened to a lot of what is generally called (oh-how I hate it that last.fm won't accept the cedilla...) I thought of writing a journal entry for quite some time now, but I wasn't sure which form I should use. I think I will just present (as in "list") those artists I like the most, accompanied by their album I think is the best so far, the one I think is the most representative - or just the only one I know.

    In addition to this journal entry I created a playlist to make all…